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Mounting standard metal fixtures (PDP-S01-LR)
2) Mounting the metal fixture
The metal fixture is installed by one of two methods,
which are outlined below:
(1) When mounting the metal fixture to the side of
the display:
• The figure illustrates mounting the speaker to the right
side of the display.
1. Remove the 2 hole rivets (from the bottom) at the back
of the display. (Use a coin to turn the hole rivets.)
2. Attach the metal fixtures supplied with the speaker to
the speaker. (Take care to avoid removing the
3. Check the "LEFT" and "RIGHT" indications on the back
of the speaker and confirm that the cushion on the
inner side indicates speaker left or right. Set the speaker
with "UP »" on top and mount the speaker to the
display, starting with the bottom fixture. (Tighten
screws provisionally to guard against backlash.)
4. Adjust the position of the speaker to provide even
clearance between the speaker and the display, then
tighten the screws.
• Be sure to use only the screws supplied. Use of other
screws may result in mounting failure.
• Avoid grasping the speaker when moving the display
after the speaker is mounted. Grasp the bottom of the
display when moving it.
(2) When using third-party metal fixtures to mount
the speaker
• Washers M8 ( φ 25) are supplied for third-party metal
• Mount commercial fixtures by the two-point mounting
method to the mounting holes provided at the center
or bottom of the back of the speaker. These mounting
holes are at different levels. To make the hole levels
even, use additional washers until they are flush.
<Ver. 2.1>
Washers M8 ( φ 25)
Metal fixture
Plasma display
Hole rivets
Washers ( φ 15)
Two-point mounting may
be performed at either
position. To adjust the
difference between the
two positions, place
washers on a hole on the


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