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Mounting standard metal fixtures (PDK-4002)
3) Mounting the plasma display (For the PDK-4003, the same procedure is used to mount two displays.)
1. Remove the 6 hole rivets (arranged lengthwise) from the back of the plasma display with a coin or the like.
2. Mount the monitor mounting bolt assemblies (three each for the left and right) delivered with the display in the
mounting holes on the back of the plasma display.
3. Loosen only the top mounting screws in the left and right monitor brackets, and tilt the monitor brackets all the way
(do not loosen the bottom screws).
4. Lift up the plasma display, and insert the monitor mounting bolt assemblies into the monitor brackets.
5. With only the top screws used to mount the monitor brackets loosened, tighten three nuts each for the left and right
monitor mounting bolt assemblies. When doing this, be sure not to twist the main body of the plasma display.
6. Adjust the angles of the top and bottom of the plasma display (variable from horizontal to 25° downward).
Decide on the angle you want while supporting the plasma display. Tighten the top screws in the left and right
monitor brackets. At this point, the monitor bracket hole will be the measure for angle adjustment. in the monitor
bracket (in 5° increments).
7. Adjust the left-to-right angle of the plasma display (it can rotate 45° left or right). Manually rotating the monitor frame,
decide on the angle you want.
Fix the monitor frame tightly using the M6 × 30 hexagonal socket bolt, which is supplied to prevent the display from
8. Pass the connecting cable through the cable hole of the support COMP of the metal fixture, and connect it to the
connectors. If some of the connecting cables cannot pass through the cable hole because the cables are too thick,
use thinner cables or connect the cables without passing them through the cable hole.
For information on how to use the cable clamp that is provided with the fixture, refer to "3.3 Installation procedures,
3.3.3 Wiring".
Hexagonal socket head
bolt (to prevent rotation)
(M6 × 30)
Standard for angle
<Ver. 2.1>
Connecting cable
1. Hole rivet
2. Monitor mounting bolt assembly
To the connector on the
PDP's main body


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