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Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP)
Steps for Provisioning VRRP Operation
Configure a Backup for the same VR instance as for the Owner in step 1.
a. On another router with an interface in the same network or subnet as
is the Owner (configured in step 1), enter the global configuration
context and enable VRRP.
router vrrp
b. Configure (and enter) the same VR instance as was configured for the
Owner in step 1.
vlan < vid >
vrrp vrid < 1 - 255 >
c. Configure the router as a Backup for the VR instance.
Note that this step sets the Backup router's priority as 100 for this VR
d. Optional: If there is only one Backup router, or if you want the priority
among backups to be determined by the lowest IP address among the
Backups, leave the VR instance priority for the current backup router
at the default of 100. If you want to control Backup router priority by
creating a numeric hierarchy among the Backup routers in the VR,
then set the priority on each accordingly.
priority < 1 - 254 >
e. Configure the virtual IP address for the current VR. Use the same
address as you used for the Owner router's instance of the VR. As
mentioned earlier, you can use either of the following methods:
virtual-ip-address < ip-mask >
f. Activate the Backup VR instance.
Inspect the configuration for the Owner VR.
show vrrp vlan < vid > vrid < vrid-# > config
Leave the advertisement interval for Backup routers at the default (1
second). (For more on this topic, refer to "Changing VR Advertisement
Interval and Source IP Address" on page 6-22.)
Repeat step 2 for each Backup router on the same VR.


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