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ProCurve# walkmib ifname
ifName.1 = A1
ifName.2 = A2
ifName.3 = A3
ifName.4 = A4
ifName.25 = B1
ifName.26 = B2
ifName.27 = B3
ifName.28 = B4
ifName.29 = B5
ifName.30 = B6
ifName.31 = B7
ifName.32 = B8
ifName.33 = B9
ifName.34 = B10
ifName.35 = B11
ifName.36 = B12
ifName.37 = B13
ifName.38 = B14
ifName.39 = B15
ifName.40 = B16
ifName.41 = B17
ifName.42 = B18
ifName.43 = B19
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Figure 5-34. Using Walkmib To Determine the Circuit ID for a Port on a ProCurve Chassis
the sequential index number for that port position in the slot. (To view the
Index number assignments for ports in the routing switch, use the walkmib
ifname command.)
For example, the circuit ID for a client connected to port 11 on a Series
3500yl switch is "11". However, the Circuit ID for port B11 on a Series
5400zl switch is "35". (See Figure 5-34, below.)
In this example, the 5400zl has a 4-port module installed
in slot "A" and a 24-port module installed in slot "B".
Thus, the first port numbers in the listing are the Index
numbers reserved for slot "A". The first Index port
number for slot "B" is "25", and the Index port number
for port B11 (and therefore the Circuit ID number) is
The Index (and Circuit ID) number for port B11
on a 5400zl routing switch.
For example, suppose you wanted port 10 on a given relay agent to support
no more than five DHCP clients simultaneously, you could configure the server
to allow only five IP addressing assignments at any one time for the circuit ID
(port) and remote ID (MAC address) corresponding to port 10 on the selected
relay agent.
IP Routing Features
Configuring DHCP Relay


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