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Toshiba STRATA CS Commutation Server User Manual page 9

Call center scoreboard add-on
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Call Center Scoreboard
The Call Center Scoreboard Add-on is an invaluable tool for Strata CS call center
managers who need to closely watch critical statistics and receive statistic-based
alarms, or show statistics to groups of agents on wallboards to motivate and inform.
The Call Center Scoreboard can do the following:
Display 54 different call center statistics, including 37 that are not found in the
Strata CS Client, such as Ring No Answers, Longest Active Waiting Call, and
more. For a complete list of available statistics, see
Display" on page
Show a real-time view of all agent activity, with alarm colors when an agent's time
in a state exceeds configurable thresholds. For example, see at a glance how many
agents are currently available to take calls (example shown below). See
Agent Status" on page
Stratagy CS Call Center Scoreboard User Guide
"Call Center Statistics You Can



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