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Changing Alarm Profile Associated With A Layout; Deleting Alarm Profile From A Layout; Designing And Saving A Layout - Toshiba STRATA CS Commutation Server User Manual

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Call Center Scoreboard

Designing and Saving a Layout

To trigger a red-color alarm if Available Agents falls to two or below, define the
following alarms:
1. An alarm that triggers when Available Agents is >=0, and changes the color to red.
2. An alarm that triggers when Available Agents >=2, and sets the color to black.

Changing Alarm Profile Associated with a Layout

You can associate a new alarm profile with the current layout at any time. Choose File
> Open and select the alarm profile. Alarm profiles have the file extension .ALM.
If you want the new alarm profile to remain associated with the layout, be sure to save
the layout by choosing File > Save Layout.

Deleting Alarm Profile From a Layout

To remove an alarm profile from a layout without replacing it with another alarm
profile, do the following:
1. Choose View > Layout. The Layout dialog box opens.
2. Uncheck Alarm Profile.
3. Click OK.
Designing and Saving a Layout
Once you have created an arrangement of windows you like, and an alarm profile to
go with them, you can save the entire layout. The layout stores the appearance and
position of the windows, as well as the alarm profile. You can save multiple layouts
and open any one of them in the Call Center Scoreboard.
The Call Center Scoreboard displays one layout at a time.
Examples of Using Multiple Layouts
You could have one layout to report on your Sales queue, and another to report on
your Customer Support queue. Because the focus of the queues is different, the
layouts might display different statistics.
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