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Changing Adaptive Wallboard Colors - Toshiba STRATA CS Commutation Server User Manual

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When calculating the total length of statistics in a window, count each different
statistic once. You do not need to count the following:
Duplicate statistics. If your window displays the same statistic multiple times (for
example, for different queues), they count as one statistic for purposes of the 80-
character limit.
Spaces between statistics. Count only the statistic lengths themselves.

Changing Adaptive Wallboard Colors

If you're using an Adaptive Micro Systems wallboard, you can control the colors of
statistics and alarms on the wallboard within a certain range.
Adaptive wallboards can display three colors: red, orange and green. Each color can
display as bright or dim.
To select statistic and alarm colors for an Adaptive wallboard, do the following:
1. Create an alarm profile as described in
2. Make sure the statistics window is sending its data to an Adaptive wallboard. See
the previous section, "Sending Window Data to Wallboard."
3. When defining the alarm for a statistic, click Text Color to set the alarm color, then
use the following key. Each labeled grouping corresponds to one wallboard color.
Any other color selection displays on the wallboard as an orange label and a green
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Bright red
Bright orange
Dim red
Dim orange
Bright green
Dim green
Sending Statistics to Wallboard Display Unit
"Defining Alarm Profile" on page
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