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Defining A Statistics Window - Toshiba STRATA CS Commutation Server User Manual

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Call Center Scoreboard

Defining a Statistics Window

Defining a Statistics Window
The Call Center Scoreboard can display any number of statistics windows, each of
which can contain any number of statistics. For a description of available statistics,
"Call Center Statistics You Can Display" on page
1. Choose File > New Window. The Window
dialog box opens (shown right).
2. In the Title field, type the title that will appear
in the window's title bar.
3. Under Color, click
background color of the window. The default
is grey.
4. Check the 1 Line display field to have the
window display one statistic at a time,
cycling through them at a speed you define.
Enter the number of seconds a statistic should
remain in the window in Cycle statistics
every __ seconds.
Leave the field unchecked to have the
window display all its statistics at once.
5. Under Display in Window, choose which
call center statistics the window displays
and in what order. To select a statistic to
display, click Add. The Add Item dialog
box opens (shown right).
6. In the list of statistics, click the statistic
you want to display. For an explanation of
the statistics, see
You Can Display" on page
7. In the Queue field, select which queue the
statistic will report on.
A single window can contain statistics
from different queues.
8. In the Statistics by field, select whether the statistic measures queue activity by
day, shift, or period. For example, the Average Wait Time statistic will calculate its
to select the
"Call Center Statistics
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