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Inserting Text Message; Editing Window; Opening Saved Window; Saving All Windows - Toshiba STRATA CS Commutation Server User Manual

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Inserting Text Message

You can insert a line of text at any position in a window.
Text messages can be useful for sending motivational or holiday
announcements to a wallboard. See
Unit" on page
1. If the Window dialog box is not already open, open it by double-clicking the
window you want to edit or choosing View > Window properties.
2. Click Add. The Add Item dialog box
opens (shown right).
3. Under Type, click Text message.
4. In the Text field, enter the message
you want to display.
5. Use Font, Text Color and Back
Color controls to define the appearance of the message.
6. Click OK.

Editing Window

To edit a window, double-click it or choose View > Window properties. You can
also double-click the window anywhere other than on a statistic value.

Opening Saved Window

To open a saved window, choose File > Open and select the window. Windows
have the file extension .WIN.
You can also add a window to a layout by editing the layout. See

Saving All Windows

To save all windows in the current layout, choose File > Save All Windows. You
can also save all windows by choosing File > Save Layout, which saves all
elements associated with the current layout, including the alarm profile.
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