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Viewing Agent Status; Interpreting Agent Activity Window - Toshiba STRATA CS Commutation Server User Manual

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Viewing Agent Status

The Agent Activity window lets you view the current state of all agents in real time,
and can display colored alarms for agents who have been continuously in a state for a
certain amount of time.
1. To open the Agent Activity
window, choose File > New
Agent Activity. The window
displays all agents according
to the state they're currently in
(shown right).
2. Choose File > New Agent
Activity multiple times to
open multiple windows.

Interpreting Agent Activity Window

The following sections describe the columns and icons that appear in the Agent
Activity window.
Columns and Agent States
The columns in the Agent Activity window correspond to the states that an agent can
be in.
Table 1
Agent Activity Window Columns
Ready to take a queue call, meaning
signed in, with phone on hook, and in a
personal status with Queue Calls set to
Yes, such as Available or Available
(Queue Only).
Currently on an active inbound queue call.
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Agent Is Currently
Call Center Scoreboard
Viewing Agent Status
Display Notes
When displaying all queues, the
name of the queue accompanies
each agent.



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