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Sending Statistics To Wallboard Display Unit; Connecting Wallboard; Sending Window Data To Wallboard - Toshiba STRATA CS Commutation Server User Manual

Call center scoreboard add-on
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Call Center Scoreboard

Sending Statistics to Wallboard Display Unit

Sending Statistics to Wallboard Display
With the Call Center Scoreboard you can send call center statistics to a wallboard
scrolling display unit, making them publicly visible.
For additional requirements for using a wallboard, see
Each statistics window you create has the option to send its statistics to a wallboard in
addition to displaying in the layout. All statistics in the window are then sent to the
wallboard. Therefore, if you want to send some statistics to a wallboard and not
others, make sure the two kinds are not defined in the same statistics window.

Connecting Wallboard

Connecting a wallboard to the Call Center Scoreboard involves the following steps:
1. Connect the wallboard to the computer that's running the Call Center Scoreboard.
2. Install any drivers or other software required by the wallboard.
3. Test the wallboard using the wallboard's software. If you encounter problems at
this stage, contact the wallboard vendor's technical support.
If you have trouble connecting an Adaptive Micro Systems wallboard, try
moving the cable connection from one socket to the other on the back of the
For complete instructions on installing your wallboard, refer to the wallboard's

Sending Window Data to Wallboard

To send a statistics window's information to a wallboard display, do the following:
1. Make sure a wallboard is connected to the computer.
2. Edit the window whose information you want to send to the wall board by clicking
it and choosing View > Active Window. The Window dialog box opens.
3. Check Send to Wallboard.
4. From the Model drop-down list, select the wallboard you are using.
"Wallboard Requirements" on
Stratagy CS Call Center Scoreboard User Guide



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