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Triggering Alarms When Statistics Fall Too Low - Toshiba STRATA CS Commutation Server User Manual

Call center scoreboard add-on
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6. Click OK to add this alarm to the alarm profile. It appears in the Alarm Profile
dialog box.
7. Repeat
Steps 2~6
8. When the definition of your alarm profile is complete, click Close to close the
Alarm Profile dialog box.
9. To save the alarm profile, choose File > Save Alarm Profile or File > Save Layout,
which saves the layout and the alarm profile.
Generating E-mail Messages and Pages for Alarms
You can automatically receive e-mail and pager notification for alarms by setting the
notification options of the user who receives voice messages on alarms. E-mail
notifications can be send to multiple e-mail addresses.
1. In the Call Center Scoreboard, choose the option to send a voice message when an
alarm is triggered, as described in the previous section.
2. In the Strata CS Client or Administrator, configure the user who receives the voice
messages to have e-mail or pager notification sent when new voice messages are
received. For instructions, see Strata CS Client User Guide.
Now whenever an alarm is triggered, you are notified by e-mail, page, or both.

Triggering Alarms When Statistics Fall Too Low

By default, Call Center Scoreboard alarms are triggered when a statistic meets or goes
above a certain value. You can also define alarms that trigger when a statistic meets or
falls below a certain value. To do so, you must define two alarms for the same statistic,
as follows:
1. Set the first alarm to trigger on a value of >= 0. Give this alarm the alarm effect
you want, for example the color red or a sound.
2. Set the second alarm to trigger on your critical low value. For the alarm action,
define the absence of an alarm, for example the color black and no sound.
The result is that the alarm effect triggers when the value meets or falls below the
critical level defined in the second alarm.
Stratagy CS Call Center Scoreboard User Guide
to add further alarms to the alarm profile.
Call Center Scoreboard
Defining Alarm Profile



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