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Toshiba STRATA CS Commutation Server User Manual page 26

Call center scoreboard add-on
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Call Center Scoreboard
Defining Alarm Profile
waiting on hold, select the Calls Waiting statistic and enter 10 as the alarm
To have an alarm trigger when a statistic falls below a certain level, see
Alarms When Statistics Fall Too Low" on page
When entering the alarm condition for a statistic that measures length of time, use
the format hh:mm:ss to indicate hours:minutes:seconds. For example, To trigger an
alarm when Average Wait Time reaches an hour, enter 01:00:00.
5. Under Alarm Actions, define what form the alarm takes using the following
Change value color. Changes the color of the value in the statistics window.
Click Text Color and Back Color to specify the text and background colors that
mark an alarm.
Check Change label to have the alarm color apply to the name of the statistic
and the value. If unchecked, only the value will change color. Check Bold to
have the alarm text appear in boldface.
Play sound. Check to have a sound play over your computer speakers when the
alarm is triggered. Click
"Using Custom Sounds As Alarms" on page 17
sound files.
Click Once to have the sound play once whenever the alarm value is met. Click
Repeatedly to have the alarm value play continuously as long as the alarm value
is met or exceeded.
For a louder sound, simply connect your sound card to a bigger speaker or an
overhead sound system in your area.
Send voice message. Check to have the Call Center Scoreboard automatically
send a voice message to the user of your choice when the alarm is triggered.
Use the audio controls to record or import the alarm message that will be sent,
then use the drop-down list to select the user who will receive alarm messages.
To send messages to more than one person, or to receive e-mail or pager
notification of alarms, see the next section, "Generating E-mail Messages and
Pages for Alarms."
Bring window to front. Check to bring the Call Center Scoreboard to the front
of your desktop when the alarm triggers. The window with the alarm statistic is
brought to the front of the layout and made the active window.
to select the .WAV file of the sound to play. See
for alternative sources for
Stratagy CS Call Center Scoreboard User Guide



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