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Toshiba STRATA CS Commutation Server User Manual page 12

Call center scoreboard add-on
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Call Center Scoreboard
Adaptive Micro Systems Requirements
Contact Adaptive Micro Systems for complete technical and purchasing information
regarding their wallboards and software.
Web site:
Phone: 800-558-7022
Adaptive Micro Systems wallboards require their ALPHA messaging software to test
and configure the wallboard. Before running the wallboard with the Call Center
Scoreboard, try running it with the ALPHA messaging software to make sure it works.
Up to 30 Adaptive wallboards can be supported from one COM port.
Additional blocks of 30 can be connected by purchasing Adaptive repeaters.
The Call Center Scoreboard can send data to up to 99 wallboards, and you can
specify which wallboard receives data from which statistic window. See
"Sending Statistics to Wallboard Display Unit" on page
Spectrum Requirements
Contact Spectrum for complete technical and purchasing information regarding
Spectrum wallboards and Ultra Link software.
Web site:
Phone: 800-392-5050
Using a Spectrum wallboard requires one of the following wallboard display software
Spectrum Ultra Link Lite - Provides a basic one-line display that rotates through
the statistics in the window at a pre-set interval rate. The single line displays even
on multi-line wallboards. There is no ability to set color alarms.
Spectrum Ultra Link II - Offers complete access to display and manage queue data
with configurable scrolling, blinking and color settings for statistics and alarms.
Features color and sound alarms and can display on single, dual, or multi-line
wallboards, as well as TV monitors, pagers, web pages and screen pops. For
display notes, see
on page
"Displaying Statistics with the Spectrum Ultra Link II Software"
Stratagy CS Call Center Scoreboard User Guide



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