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Call Center Scoreboard Requirements - Toshiba STRATA CS Commutation Server User Manual

Call center scoreboard add-on
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Call Center Scoreboard
Maintain one or more custom
windows on-screen where you can
monitor the call center statistics of
your choice in real time. For
example, monitor a window for
your Sales queue where you see
how many agents are available, the
average length of a call, and the
longest current call. Have the
window display all statistics
together, or save space by having a
one-line window that cycles
through each statistic in turn
(example shown right). See
Trigger alarms when statistics exceed critical values that you define. Alarms can
take the form of changed colors in the Call Center Scoreboard window, sounds,
voice messages, pages or e-mails. See
Connect to a wallboard display device to make call center statistics publicly
visible, keeping your workers motivated and informed. For example, set a
wallboard in view of your agents' cubicles so they can see scrolling statistics such
as the number of calls on hold and the total number of completed calls for the shift.
You can also broadcast text messages to the wallboard. See
Wallboard Display Unit" on page
The following requirements are necessary to run the Call Center Scoreboard:
Your site must be running a Strata CS 4.0 system with Service Pack 1 or higher.
Your site must be running a licensed Strata CS call center, set up using Strata CS
call center queues. The Call Center Scoreboard does not work with the ACD
workgroup method of defining call centers. For instructions on setting up Strata CS
call center queues, see Strata CS Call Center Administrator Guide.
The PC on which you install the Call Center Scoreboard must also have the
Strata CS Client installed. No additional requirements are necessary for the PC.
"Defining a Statistics Window" on page
"Defining Alarm Profile" on page
Stratagy CS Call Center Scoreboard User Guide
"Sending Statistics to



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