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Toshiba STRATA CS Commutation Server User Manual page 16

Call center scoreboard add-on
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Call Center Scoreboard
Viewing Agent Status
Table 1
Agent Activity Window Columns
Agent Is Currently
Currently on an active outbound queue
Currently either in the Wrapup state (in the
Wrapup period following the end of a
queue call), the No Answer state (has
failed to answer one or more queue calls),
or the Offering state (a queue call is
currently ringing).
Currently either On Break, in a non-queue
call, accessing voicemail, or using the
Strata CS voice menus.
Note: The on-hook icon displays for
agents who failed to answer one or more
queue calls and were moved to the On
Break personal status, for example by the
queue feature "If an agent does not
answer, set to break status."
Either signed out from the queue or in any
personal status with the Queue Calls
property set to "No," such as Available
(Non Queue) or Do Not Disturb.
When displaying all queues, the
name of the queue accompanies
each agent.
When displaying all queues, the
name of the queue accompanies
each agent. The following icons
identify agent states:
No Answer.
Agents who are On Break have the
On Break personal status icon.
Other agents show their current
hook state.
On Break.
In a non-queue call.
Moved to On Break status after
a Ring No Answer.
Agents display with the icon for
their current personal status (see
the next table).
Agents who are signed out have an
asterisk (*) next to their name.
Signed-out agents do not receive
queue calls even when Available.
To begin receiving queue calls, an
agent must be signed in to one or
more queues and Available.
Stratagy CS Call Center Scoreboard User Guide
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