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HP StorageWorks 1606 - Extension SAN Switch Release Note page 8

Hp storageworks fos 6.3.0b release notes (5697-0360, april 2010)
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only 8 links on an ICL port.) This license is available on the DC04 SAN Director and DC SAN
Backbone Director platforms only. It replaces the original ICL license for the DC04 SAN Director
and is new for the DC SAN Backbone Director.
Adaptive Networking—Ensures high-priority connections and obtains the network resources neces-
sary for optimum performance, even in congested environments. The QoS SID/DID Prioritization
and Ingress Rate Limiting features are the first components of this license and are available on all
8-Gb platforms.
Integrated Routing license—Allows ports on a DC SAN Backbone Director, DC04 SAN Director,
1606 Extension SAN Switch, HP StorageWorks 8/80 SAN Switch, or HP StorageWorks 8/40
SAN Switch to be configured as EX_Ports, supporting FCR. This eliminates the need to add a B-
series Multiprotocol Router Blade or to use the 400 MP Router for FCR purposes, it also provides
double the bandwidth for each FCR connection (when connected to another 8-Gb-capable port).
Encryption Performance Upgrade—This license provides additional encryption processing power.
The Encryption Performance License enables full encryption processing power on the HP Storage-
Works Encryption SAN Switch or on all HP StorageWorks DC Switch Encryption blades installed
in the DC SAN Backbone Director/DC04 SAN Director chassis.
Server Application Optimization license (introduced with FOS 6.2)—When deployed with Brocade
HBAs, optimizes overall application performance for physical servers and virtual machines by
extending virtual channels to the server infrastructure. Application-specific traffic flows can be
configured, prioritized, and optimized throughout the data center infrastructure.
1606 Extension SAN Switch Port Upgrade—This new license allows a 1606 Extension SAN Switch
to enable 16 FC ports (instead of the base 4 ports) and 6 GbE ports (instead of the base 2 ports).
This license is also required to enable additional FCIP tunnels and advanced capabilities, such as
tape read/write pipelining. A 1606 Extension SAN Switch must have the Port Upgrade license
installed to add FICON Management Server (CUP) or Advanced Accelerator for FICON.
Advanced Extension—This new license enables two advanced extension features: FCIP Trunking
and ARL. The FCIP Trunking feature allows multiple IP source and destination address pairs (defined
as FCIP circuits) via multiple 1-GbE or 10-GbE interfaces to provide a high-bandwidth FCIP tunnel
and failover resiliency. Each FCIP circuit also supports four QoS classes (Class-F, Hi, Medium,
and Low Priority), each as a TCP connection. The ARL feature provides a minimum bandwidth
guarantee for each tunnel, with full utilization of the available network bandwidth without impacting
throughput performance under high traffic load. This license is available on the 1606 Extension
SAN Switch and DC SAN Backbone Director/DC04 SAN Director for the DC SAN Director
Multiprotocol Extension Blade on an individual slot basis.
10-GbE FCIP—This new license enables the two 10-GbE ports on the DC SAN Director Multiprotocol
Extension Blade. With this license, two additional operating modes (in addition to 10 1-GbE ports
mode) can be selected:
10 1-GbE ports and 1 10-GbE port
2 10-GbE ports
This license is available on the DC SAN Backbone Director/DC04 SAN Director for the DC SAN
Director Multiprotocol Extension Blade on an individual slot basis.
Included licensed software
Enhanced Group Management—This license is included with all HP 8-Gb switches. Enhanced
Group Management enables full management of the device in a data center fabric, with increased
element management functionality and management task aggregation throughout the environment.
This license is used in conjunction with the DCFM application software.
2408 FCoE Converged Network Switch FC Ports on Demand—This new license enables all eight
FC ports on the 2408 FCoE Converged Network Switch.



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