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HP StorageWorks 1606 - Extension SAN Switch Release Note page 29

Hp storageworks fos 6.3.0b release notes (5697-0360, april 2010)
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After upgrading to this firmware release, if users want to enable the Adaptive Networking QoS feature
on 4-Gb platforms and on the Extended Fabrics E_Ports on both 4-Gb and 8-Gb platforms, they must
do so explicitly through the available user interfaces.
QoS is supported on switches in Access Gateway mode with FOS 6.3.0x. The fabric switches
should be running FOS 6.3 to support QoS. If the fabric switch is FOS 6.2, QoS must be disabled
on either switch or AG. When running Adaptive Networking in Access Gateway mode, note the
QoS takes precedence over ingress rate limiting.
Ingress Rate Limiting is not enforced on trunked ports.
FCR backbone fabric ID changes
With 8-Gb director blades, the switch must be disabled to change the backbone fabric ID.
With routing and dual backbone fabrics, the backbone fabric ID must be changed to keep the
IDs unique.
Traffic Isolation over FCR
All switches and Fibre Channel routers, both in edge and backbone fabrics, must be running FOS
6.1.0 or later in order to support this feature.
In order for TI over FCR to function properly, the associated TI zones in each fabric (edge and
backbone) must have failover enabled.
TI over FCR is supported only in edge-to-edge configurations. There is no support for TI in backbone-
to-edge routing configurations.
IP over Fibre Channel (IPFC)/FCR
IPFC over FCR is now disabled by default. Switches that are upgraded to FOS 6.3 will retain their
configuration settings for IPFC over FCR. The change to the default configuration applies only to new
units shipping with FOS 6.3 or units running FOS 6.3 that are reset to a default configuration. Use
fcrbcast ––enable to explicitly enable IPFC over FCR.
Broadcast frame forwarding in FCR fabric
Broadcast frame forwarding is not supported in an FCR fabric with a 2408 FCoE Converged Network
Switch. By default, broadcast frame forwarding is disabled on the FC router. If your edge fabric
includes a 2408 FCoE Converged Network Switch, do not enable broadcast frame forwarding on
the FC router, which can degrade FCR performance when there is excessive broadcast traffic.
FC Routing with Mi10K
Using FC routing in a backbone-to-edge configuration with an Mi10k in the edge fabric, can result
in slow throughput for hosts attached to the Mi10K following a bounced IFL connection between the
backbone and edge fabric. To resolve this slowdown, disable and then re-enable the Mi10K ports
for the affected hosts.
HP StorageWorks FOS 6.3.0b Release Notes



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