Optionally Licensed Software - HP StorageWorks 1606 - Extension SAN Switch Release Note

Hp storageworks fos 6.3.0b release notes (5697-0360, april 2010)
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CEE/FCoE features
802.1x defines a client/server-based authentication protocol for port access control. It prohibits
unknown/unauthorized clients from connecting to an Ethernet network through publicly accessible
ports. The authentication server component of the system authenticates each client device or host
connected to an authentication-enabled network port. Until the client is authenticated, 802.1x allows
only the authentication protocol traffic (EAPOL) on the connected port. Once authentication is
successful, the port is open for all network traffic.
The FIP VLAN Discovery protocol is supported with the following caveat:
The FIP VLAN DISCOVERY request must be received with either a priority-only VLAN tag (VLAN
ID=0), or a VLAN tag with VLAN ID=FCoE VLAN. FIP VLAN DISCOVERY request received with
a valid VLAN ID in the tag that is not equal to the FCoE VLAN is dropped. The expected behavior
is that the converged network adapter (CNA) will send a priority-tagged FIP VLAN DISCOVERY

Optionally licensed software

Optionally licensed features in FOS 6.3.0 are as follows:
Ports on Demand—Allows customers to instantly scale the fabric by provisioning additional ports
through a license key upgrade (applies to select switch models).
Extended Fabrics—Provides greater than 10 km of switched fabric connectivity at full bandwidth
over long distances. (Depending on the platform, the distance can be up to 3,000 km.)
ISL Trunking—Enables aggregation of multiple physical links into one logical link for enhanced
network performance and fault tolerance. It also includes Access Gateway ISL Trunking on the
products that support the Access Gateway deployment.
Advanced Performance Monitoring—Enables performance monitoring of networked storage re-
sources. This license includes the Top Talkers feature.
High-Performance Extension over FCIP/FC (formerly known as FC-IP Services)—For the HP Storage-
Works B-series Multiprotocol Router Blade and 400 MP Router, this license key also includes the
FC FastWrite (FCFW) feature and IPsec capabilities.
Accelerator for FICON license—Enables unique FICON emulation support for IBM's Global Mirror
(formerly XRC) application (including Hitachi Data Systems' HXRC and EMC's XRC), as well as
tape pipelining for all FICON tape and virtual tape systems to significantly improve XRC and tape
backup/recovery performance over virtually unlimited distance for the 400 MP Router and B-series
Multiprotocol Router Blade.
Fabric Watch—Monitors mission-critical switch operations, and now includes new Port Fencing
FICON Management Server (also known as the control unit port [CUP])—Enables host control of
switches in mainframe environments.
16 Link Inter-chassis links (ICL 16 link)—Provide dedicated high-bandwidth links between two DC
SAN Backbone Director chassis, without consuming valuable front-end 8-Gb ports. Each DC
Backbone Director must have the ICL license installed in order to enable ICL connections (available
on the DC Backbone Director only).
8 Link Inter-chassis links (ICL 8 link)—This license activates all 8 links on ICL ports on a DC04 SAN
Director chassis for connection of two DC04 directors, or half of the ICL bandwidth for each ICL
port on the DC SAN Backbone Director platform by enabling only 8 of the 16 links available.
This allows users to purchase half the bandwidth of DC SAN Backbone Director ICL ports initially,
and then upgrade with an additional 8-link license to utilize the full ICL bandwidth.
This license is also useful for environments in which you want to create ICL connections between
a DC SAN Backbone Director and a DC04 SAN Director. (The DC04 SAN Director can support
HP StorageWorks FOS 6.3.0b Release Notes



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