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HP StorageWorks 4/8 - SAN Switch Release Note

Hp storageworks fabric os 6.1.2b release notes (5697-0351, march 2010)
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HP StorageWorks Fabric OS 6.1.2b

release notes

Part number: 5697-0351
Eighth edition: March 2010



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  • Page 1: Release Notes

    HP StorageWorks Fabric OS 6.1.2b release notes Part number: 5697-0351 Eighth edition: March 2010...
  • Page 2 Legal and notice information © Copyright 2008-2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. © Copyright 2008-2010 Brocade Communications Systems, Incorporated...
  • Page 3: Effective Date

    Version 6.1.2b NOTE: This software conforms to the Fibre Channel standards and accepted engineering practices and procedures. Supersedes Fabric OS 6.1.2a released June 2009. Effective date August 2009 Description Fabric OS 6.1.0a integrated many new features that carry forward to 6.1.2b, including: Enhanced connectivity with M-series products Support for native connectivity modes on all 8-Gb blades and platforms Traffic Isolation Zones in native connectivity modes...
  • Page 4: Access Gateway

    Fabric OS 6.1.1x integrated EGM license support used with DCFM management software. New feature summaries This section lists features and improvements introduced with Fabric OS 6.1.x, and carried forward to 6.1.2b. Enhanced connectivity with McDATA products McDATA connectivity enhancements include: M-EOS Native Fabric Mode support—HP supports interopmode 2 on Fabric OS 6.1.2x on the 4/256 SAN Director and DC SAN Director.
  • Page 5: Port Mirroring

    Port Mirroring Fabric OS 6.1.0a added support for Port Mirroring to 8-Gb ports. Port Mirroring mirrors traffic in both directions between a source and destination ID pair to a single mirror port. The user can connect an FC analyzer to this mirror port to capture all mirrored traffic and perform troubleshooting or analysis.
  • Page 6: New Hardware Support

    Update recommendations NOTE: With the introduction of Fabric OS 6.1.1, certain features and functions were removed from WebTools (resident in the firmware) and migrated to the Data Center Fabric Manager (DCFM) management application. HP recommends that before you upgrade to 6.1.1x or later, if DCFM is not running on your fabric, you review Web tools functionality moved to DCFM and take note of what has changed...
  • Page 7: Devices Supported

    HP StorageWorks 16 Port 4–Gb SAN Director Blade (FC4–16) HP StorageWorks 32 Port 4–Gb SAN Director Blade (FC4–32) HP StorageWorks 48 Port 4–Gb SAN Director Blade (FC4–48) HP StorageWorks Multi-protocol Router Blade (FR4–18i) HP StorageWorks B-series iSCSI Director Blade (FC4–16IP) compatible with the 4/256 Director model only, not supported in the DC SAN Director HP StorageWorks 8/8 and 8/24 SAN Switches (Brocade 300) HP StorageWorks 8/40 SAN Switch (Brocade 5100)
  • Page 8 Access Gateway support Access Gateway is supported with the following HP products only: Brocade 4-Gb SAN Switch for HP p-Class BladeSystem (Brocade 4012) Brocade 4-Gb SAN Switch for HP c-Class BladeSystem (Brocade 4024) HP StorageWorks 4/16 SAN Switch (Brocade 200E) HP StorageWorks 8/24 SAN Switch (Brocade 300) IMPORTANT: Although the HP StorageWorks 4/8 SAN Switch uses the same hardware as the 4/16 SAN Switch,...
  • Page 9 McDATA switches: 2/16 (ES3216), 2/32 (ES3232), 2/64 (ED6064), 2/140 (M6140), Mi10K running EOS 09.09.02 with Brocade Fabric OS 6.1.2x Cisco switches: MDS 9216, MDS 9216A, MDS 9506, MDS 9509 running SAN OS 3.0(2a) with Brocade Fabric OS 6.1.0x Secure Fabric OS feature not compatible with Fabric OS 6.x and later Fabric OS 5.3.x is the last Fabric OS version compatible with SFOS.
  • Page 10 Fabric OS features (supported in interopmode 0) Fabric OS 6.1.2b FCR Fabric Binding (route to M-EOS fabric with fabric binding) L2 Fabric Binding DCC policies SCC policies E/EX_Port authentication ISL Trunking (frame level) Dynamic Path Selection (DPS, exchange-based routing) Dynamic Load Sharing (DLS, port-based routing) Virtual Channels (VC RDY) FICON Management Server (Cascading) FICON MIHPTO...
  • Page 11 Fabric OS features (supported in interopmode 0) Fabric OS 6.1.2b Alias Server Platform Service FCIP (VE_Ports) IPFC (IP over FC) M-EOS ALPA 0x13 configuration VE_Port to VEX_Port Integrated Routing Domain Offset Support 239 Domain Support Masterless F_Port Trunking (AG connect to Fabric OS switched only) FC10–6 to FC10–6 ISL RASLog Events on duplicate WWNs Feature requires M-EOS 9.7 or later.
  • Page 12 IMPORTANT: The Fabric OS versions listed in the Earliest compatible version column in Table 2 are the earliest versions supported by HP at the time of the Fabric OS 6.1.2b release. Table 2 Supported Fabric OS versions Model Earliest compatible ver- Recommended version sion HP StorageWorks 1-Gb Switch...
  • Page 13 Model Earliest compatible ver- Recommended version sion HP StorageWorks SAN Director 16 Port 8-Gb FC 6.1.0d 6.1.2b blade (FC8-16) HP StorageWorks SAN Director 32 Port 8-Gb FC 6.1.0d 6.1.2b blade (FC8-32) HP StorageWorks SAN Director 48 Port 8-Gb FC 6.1.0d 6.1.2b blade (FC8-48) HP StorageWorks SAN Director 6 Port 10-Gb ISL...
  • Page 14 DC SAN Director blade support Fabric OS 6.1.2b is fully qualified and supports the DC SAN Director blades listed in Table Table 4 DC SAN Director blade support matrix Director blade Number of blades FC8-16 Supported with Fabric OS 6.0.0b and later with any mix and up to eight blades of each type.
  • Page 15: Firmware Upgrade Instructions

    Fibre Channel Routing scalability For the latest FCR scalability support information, see the HP StorageWorks SAN design reference guide, available at: Firmware upgrade instructions IMPORTANT: If your plan is to remain on the 6.1.x firmware stream, HP strongly recommends that you upgrade to Fabric OS 6.1.2b as soon as possible.
  • Page 16 Topic Description HP StorageWorks B-series The FR4-18i ships with Fabric OS 6.x. If inserted in a chassis running a version MP Router Blade (FR4- of firmware that is different than the version currently on the blade, the blade 18i) firmware will be upgraded or downgraded to match the version on the chassis. FICON support The FC4-48 and FC8-48 port blades are not supported to connect to System z environments via FICON channels or via FCP zLinux on System z.
  • Page 17 Topic Description Port Fencing The default settings for Port Fencing reflect very low thresholds and may cause fence ports to experience errors. HP recommends increasing these threshold values for use in production environments. Different platforms may require different threshold settings for optimum behavior. When the Port Fencing feature is enabled for ITW or CRC errors, the first set of errors detected on an active link that meet the custom high threshold level set by the user (or the default threshold level) is always ignored to account for expected...
  • Page 18 Topic Description Extended fabrics and Starting with Fabric OS 5.1, the Extended Fabrics feature is supported in R_RDY flow control conjunction with R_RDY flow control. R_RDY flow control mode can be enabled using the portCfgISLMode command. R_RDY flow control mode that uses IDLE primitives does not support HP frame-based trunking for devices such as Time Division Multiplexor (TDM).
  • Page 19 Provides additional information on a faulty port in Fabric Watch to aid in troubleshooting. Enables use of passive FTP to download firmware. Enables the user to specify a quality password policy that prevents the selection of passwords with consecutive, identical characters. Uses multiple NTP servers with the tsclockserver command for redundancy.
  • Page 20 mode—Specifies the fill word for portnumber. This operand is required. Valid values are as follows: 0—IDLE in Link Init and IDLE as fill word (default) 1—ARB(FF) in Link Init and ARB(FF) as fill word Example: To set the fill word of a port to ARB(FF)-ARB(FF): switch:admin>...
  • Page 21: Webtools Functionality Moved To Dcfm

    Fabric OS version All 8-Gb switches (except 8-Gb SAN Switch for HP BladeSystem c- Class and EVA4400 embedded switch module, which do not support v6.1.2x) Added the ability to change portcfgfillword to IDLE or ARB(FF) mode. Fabric OS 6.1.2x Regardless of the Fabric OS version that was previously installed, all ports Note: HP does not support default to IDLE [mode 0].
  • Page 22 Function WebTools 6.1.0 DCFM Comments Fabric summary Reports > Fabric summary Monitor > Reports > Fabric Summary report FCIP tunnel configuration Port Admin Module > Configure > FCIP tunnel Viewing FCIP tun- GigE tab nels is still suppor- ted in WebTools 6.1.1, but New, Edit Config, and Delete are avail-...
  • Page 23 Closed defect summary Solution Internal server ports on an embedded platform; traffic may stop due Fixed in Fabric OS 6.1.1. to loss of buffer credit. Mixed fabric of McDATA and Brocade switches cannot be managed Fixed in Fabric OS 6.1.1. if only IPv6 addressing is supported.
  • Page 24 Closed defect summary Solution Invalid Tx/Rx rate can be computed if a polling cycle takes place when Fixed in Fabric OS 6.1.1. a domain name has not been assigned. An EZ Switch Manager validation error occurs on existing zones due Fixed in Fabric OS 6.1.1.
  • Page 25 Fabric OS 6.1.1b fixes Table 11 lists defects closed in the Fabric OS 6.1.1b firmware release. Table 11 Fabric OS 6.1.1b closed defects Closed defect summary Solution audicfg is not persistent through hareboot. Fixed in Fabric OS 6.1.1b. HP 4/32B SAN Switch experienced an out-of-memory condition oper- Fixed in Fabric OS 6.1.1b ating in a fabric with an McDATA 2640 SAN router.
  • Page 26 Closed defect summary Solution Panic occurs with switch in Access Gateway Mode when N_Port to Fixed in Fabric OS 6.1.1c. F_Port trunking is enabled. Unexpected return code from Fast Write and Tape Pipelining Fixed in Fabric OS 6.1.1c. causes GE_Port traffic interrupt. When first upgrading a newly installed Fabric OS 6.0.x director to Fixed in Fabric OS 6.1.1c.
  • Page 27 Fabric OS 6.1.2 fixes Table 14 lists defects closed in the Fabric OS 6.1.2 firmware release. Table 14 Fabric OS 6.1.2 closed defects Closed defect summary Solution Host channel unable to access the CUP, even though path had just Fixed in Fabric OS 6.1.2 been established.
  • Page 28 Cold panic occurs due to race condition when multiple requests are being issued throughout the fabric. Restarts with no impact to Fixed in Fabric OS 6.1.2 host/target traffic. Enhancements needed to supportsave to provide additional Fixed in Fabric OS 6.1.2 troubleshooting information.
  • Page 29 Very rare occurrence of a switch panic when supportsave reads Fixed in Fabric OS 6.1.2 invalid data on G_Pports without FC FastWrite enabled. Workaround: Make sure both CPs After upgrading one CP from Fabric OS 5.1x to 5.3x, if the other CP are upgraded together.
  • Page 30 Fabric OS 6.1.2a fixes Table 15 lists defects closed in the Fabric OS 6.1.2a firmware release. Table 15 Fabric OS 6.1.2a closed defects Closed defect summary Solution Name Server daemon (nsd) panic occurs after enabling frame redir- Workaround prior to upgrade: Delay ection with redirection (RD) zone present in the fabric.
  • Page 31 Fabric OS 6.1.2b fixes Table 16 lists defects closed in the Fabric OS 6.1.2b firmware release. Table 16 Fabric OS 6.1.2ab closed defects Closed defect summary Solution Workaround prior to upgrade: Run CALD allocated shared memory may not be released, causing the HA failover to workaround this issue.