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HP StorageWorks 1606 - Extension SAN Switch Release Note page 38

Hp storageworks fos 6.3.0b release notes (5697-0360, april 2010)
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FCIP tunnel configuration
GigE ports interface
GigE ports route
Non-local switch ports
display in zoning tree
Remove Offline or inac-
cessible Devices
Zone database summary
Encryption behavior
HP recommends that the encrypted LUN containers be created when all of the nodes/encryption
engines (EEs) in the Data Encryption Key (DEK)/High Availability Cluster (HAC) are up and enabled.
If two Encryption Engines are part of a High Availability Cluster, configure the host/target pair
such that they form a multipath from both EEs. Avoid connecting both the host/target pairs to
the same EE. This connectivity does not give full redundancy in case of EE failure resulting in
HAC failover.
Since the quorum disk plays a vital role in keeping the cluster in sync, configure the quorum
disk to be outside of the encryption environment.
LUN configuration
To configure a LUN for encryption:
Add the LUN as clear-text to the Crypto Target Container (CTC).
When the LUN comes online and the clear-text host I/O starts, modify the LUN from clear-
text to encrypted, including the enable_encexistingdata option to convert the LUN
from clear-text to encrypted.
WebTools 6.1.0
Port Admin Module >
GigE tab
Port Admin Module >
GigE tab
Port Admin Module >
GigE tab
Zone Admin
Admin Domain
Switch Admin > DCC
Performance Monitoring
Zone Admin
Zone Admin
Configure > FCIP tunnel
Configure > FCIP tunnel
Configure > FCIP tunnel
Configure > Zoning
Configure > Zoning
Replace/Replace All zone
members by selecting the offline
devices from the zone tree.
Offline devices have an unknown
overlay badge with good
Configure > Zoning
Zoning report for both online and
offline database
Viewing FCIP tun-
nels is still suppor-
ted in WebTools
6.1.1, but New,
Edit Config, and
Delete are avail-
able only in
In WebTools,
non-local switch
port id/WWN
can be added us-
ing text box.



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