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HP 1606 Release Note

Hp storageworks b-series data center fabric manager enterprise, professional plus, and professional 10.4.5a release notes (5697-
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HP StorageWorks
B-series Data Center Fabric Manager
Enterprise, Professional Plus, and
10.4.5a Release Notes
Part Number: 5697-0973
Tenth edition: June 2011



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  • Page 1 HP StorageWorks B-series Data Center Fabric Manager Enterprise, Professional Plus, and Professional 10.4.5a Release Notes Part Number: 5697-0973 Tenth edition: June 2011...
  • Page 2 Legal and notice information © Copyright 2009-2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. © Copyright 2009-2011 Brocade Communications Systems, Incorporated Microsoft® and Windows® are U.S. registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
  • Page 3: New Software Features

    Version 10.4.5a Description HP StorageWorks B-series Data Center Fabric Manager (DCFM) 10.4.5a is a patch release, which provides a number of fixes since the DCFM 10.4.5 release. All of the features and functionality of DCFM 10.4.0, 10.4.1, 10.4.2, and 10.4.5 are brought forward with this release, including: Support for new hardware Feature enhancements across multiple platforms Integrated SMI...
  • Page 4 Show all rekey sessions for LUN on view Export Certificate support FCIP enhancements Support for IPSec for the HP StorageWorks 1606 Extension SAN Switch and the HP StorageWorks DC SAN Director Multiprotocol Extension Blade Support for IPv6 on 1G and 10G ports VEX support on 1G and 10G ports Support for VLAN tagging introduced in Fabric OS 6.3.1...
  • Page 5: Other Enhancements

    Port icon and Host enclosure used for source and destination columns in the End-to-End monitor and Top Talkers dialog box VM Path discovery for File System of type VMFS (Virtual Machine File System) HBA Management Updates to Property Sheets, including Remote Port (for example, Speed, Bind Type, Target ID, Vendor), add NWWN property in HBA port properties.
  • Page 6 Enhanced TI zones support Exchange based routing for lossless DLS HP StorageWorks DC SAN Director Switch Multiprotocol Extension Blade support in VF dialog Supported switches and firmware Table 1 lists switches and firmware families supported with version 10.4.5a. This does not imply that all firmware versions listed in the left column are still supported by HP, but rather that those are the firmware streams on which the corresponding switches are, or were, supported.
  • Page 7 Table 1 Supported switches and firmware Switch firmware Switch/Director Fabric OS 5.0.x, HP StorageWorks SAN Switch 2/32 (Brocade 3900) 5.1.x, 5.2.x, 5.3.x, HP StorageWorks SAN Switch 2/8V (Brocade 3250) 6.0.x, 6.1.x, 6.2.x, HP StorageWorks SAN Switch 2/16V (Brocade 3850) 6.3.x, and 6.4.x HP StorageWorks SAN Switch 4/32 (Brocade 4100) HP StorageWorks 400 Multi-Protocol Router (Brocade 7500) HP StorageWorks 4/8, 4/16 SAN Switch (Brocade 200E)
  • Page 8 HP StorageWorks DC SAN Director Switch 10/24 FCoE Blade (Brocade FCOE10- HP StorageWorks 2408 FCoE Converged Network Switch (Brocade 8000) HP StorageWorks 1606 Extension SAN Switch (Brocade 7800) Fabric OS 5.2.x, Brocade 4Gb SAN Switch for HP c-Class BladeSystem (Brocade 4024) 5.3.x, 6.0.x, 6.1.x,...
  • Page 9: Supported Operating Systems

    Supported operating systems Table 2 lists the operating systems that support DCFM 10.4.5a. Table 2 Supported operating systems Operating system Versions Windows XP Professional SP3 (x86 32-bit) 2003 Server SP2 (x86 32-bit) Vista Business Edition SP1 (x86 32-bit) 2008 Server (x86 32-bit) Windows 7 Professional Edition Solaris 10 (SPARC platform)
  • Page 10: Important Notes

    2,560 9,000 (Fabric OS); 5,000 (M-EOS/Mixed) 4-Gb and 8-Gb Switches DC SAN Director 10/24 FCoE Blade/2408 FCoE Converged Network Switch 1606 Extension SAN Switch 4/256 SAN Director DC04 SAN Director Switch HBA Management (HCM) Virtualization support Encryption SAN Switch/Encryption Blade...
  • Page 11 NOTE: Install DCFM on a dedicated machine that is not running any other server applications, such as another database server. New OUI support on B-series platforms The OUI value is part of a Fibre Channel WWN that uniquely identifies the manufacturer of Fibre Channel products.
  • Page 12 DCFM Professional services do not auto-start on Linux and Solaris After a restart, DCFM Professional services must be started manually on both Linux and Solaris systems. Otherwise, the DCFM client fails to launch. Event priority mismatch Error-level policies are occasionally triggered by warning-level events. Configdownload fails when the ALL parameter is selected If you run the configdownload command with the ALL parameter selected to download a configuration from one virtual switch to another virtual switch and the Fabric IDs do not match, the...
  • Page 13 HP StorageWorks 1606 Extension SAN switches After deleting all the VE-VEX tunnels present between the 1606 Extension SAN switches, a rare instance has been seen where the IFL connection was still shown in topology. HP recommends that you unmonitor and monitor the switch again if this occurs.
  • Page 14 Gateway is not displayed in the Topology. HP recommends that you disable F_Port trunking on the switch before connecting it to the Access Gateway. VMware firewall settings may require HCM agent to be restarted If the firewall settings on port 514 changed in VMware, the HCM Agent must be restarted. VMware (ESX 3.5 &...
  • Page 15 Debug flag should be set to 0x90010 (even though the dialog indicates the supported range of 0x00000000 to 0xFFFFFFFF). Configuring this setting with any other value will interfere with the FICON Tape Write pipelining settings. This is applicable to versions 10.4.0, 10.4.1, 10.4.2, and 10.4.5.
  • Page 16 Changing Password to Database You are advised to change the default password to the database to prevent unauthorized access. To change the database password: Go to the Install_Home/bin directory and open a command window. Enter the dbpassword, User_Name Password, New_Password Confirm_Password, and then press Enter.
  • Page 17: Syslog Troubleshooting

    Accept Changes does not remove the plus or minus sign in Topology/Device Tree The plus and minus signs are not removed in the Topology/Device Tree when Accept Changes is performed after segmenting or merging the switch or end device. HP recommends that you relaunch the client to remove the plus and minus signs.
  • Page 18 Select the process you want to stop and click End Process. Linux operating systems Finding the process: Open a command window. Type netstat –nap | grep 514 and press Enter. The process running on port 514 displays, for example, UDP 0 0 ::ffff:127:0:0:1:514 :::* 27397.
  • Page 19: Installation Procedures

    Migrating from an earlier version You can migrate directly to DCFM 10.4.5 Enterprise from DCFM 10.1.x, 10.3.x, 10.4.1, or 10.4.2 Enterprise. EFCM 9.6.x/9.7.x, or Fabric Manager 5.4/5.5 users must upgrade to DCFM Enterprise 10.1.2 or later before upgrading to DCFM Enterprise 10.4.5. For more data migration and installation information, see the DCFM Migration and Transition Guide.
  • Page 20: Installation Instructions

    Follow the wizard instructions to complete the installation. Applying the DCFM 10.4.5a patch update Before installing This process assumes you are applying this patch to DCFM 10.4.5. If you are running an earlier version of DCFM, you must upgrade to DCFM 10.4.5 before applying the patch. Shutdown any services that are running.
  • Page 21: Installation Notes

    Launching the DCFM client Clear the previous version from the Java cache by executing the procedure “Clearing previous versions of the remote client” described in the user manual. As noted above, the remote client link in the Start menu does not automatically upgrade when you apply the DCFM 10.4.5a patch. However, when you open the DCFM remote client, the patch version is displayed in the About DCFM dialog box.
  • Page 22 DCFM is supported on Windows, Red Hat Linux, and SUSE server guest operating systems that run with VMware ESX 3.5 and 4.0. Other virtualization software is not supported. See Table on page 9. DCFM 10.4.5a was tested using English, Japanese, and German languages and is supported with other non-English Windows operating systems.
  • Page 23: Documentation Updates

    If you do not want to see the warning message again, disable the IE ESC as follows: Close all instances of Internet Explorer. Select Start > Administrative Tools > Server Manager. On the User Account Control dialog box, click Continue. Under Security Summary, click Configure IE ESC.
  • Page 24 Click the Host Credentials tab. Select Discover Brocade HBAs in the hosts check box. Enter the HCM Agent port number in the Brocade HBAs - Port field, if necessary. Enter your username and password in the appropriate fields. Select the Discover Virtual Machine information in the hosts check box. Enter the virtual machine port number in the Virtual Machines - Port field, if necessary.
  • Page 25 By default, the Management application SMI Agent is configured to advertise itself as a Service Agent (SA). The advertised SLP template shows its location (IP address) and the WBEM Services it supports. The default advertised WBEM services show the Management application SMI Agent: Accepts WBEM requests over HTTP without SSL on TCP port 5988 Accepts WBEM requests over HTTPS using SSL on TCP port 5989 slptool commands...
  • Page 26 Verifying SLP service installation and operation on UNIX systems To verify: Open a command window. Type % su root and press Enter to become the root user. Type # Management_Application/cimom/bin/slptool findsrvs service:service-agent and then press Enter to verify the SLP service is running as a Service Agent (SA).
  • Page 27 Type > slptool findsrvs service:wbem and press Enter to verify the SLP service is advertising its WBEM services. Choose one of the following options to verify the SLP service is advertising the WBEM SLP template over its configured client protocol adapters. Type >...
  • Page 28 Closed fixes summary Solution Trunking: "CIM_ERR_NOT_FOUND" Exception is displayed for the following classes: Brocade_Trunk, Brocade_SwitchFCPortInTrunk, Brocade_NodeFCPortInTrunk,Brocade_TrunkInSwitch. User will get Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0. CIM_ERR_NOT_FOUND exception since Trunk-related classes were not implemented. FRU Indication is not received when user performs blade powered Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0.
  • Page 29 Closed fixes summary Solution Workaround prior to upgrade: Delete the newly discovered host - Monitor Host and storage connected to a fabric are shown isolated in the Host the old fabric - Delete and rediscover view when Host is rediscovered because of HCM agent connection the host.
  • Page 30 Closed fixes summary Solution SNMPv3 SHA authentication used in switch discovery fails, Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0. Workaround prior to upgrade: User able to take switch schedule backup Unable to configure switch Scheduled backup for weekly/monthly daily. when the regional settings in the system are changed Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0.
  • Page 31 Closed fixes summary Solution Workaround prior to upgrade: Delete and rediscover all the Fabrics which VF: Chassis is getting duplicated in Logical Switches dialog box and contain the Logical switches. Topology after unmonitor/monitor the fabric. Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0. Workaround prior to upgrade: Change the port name from the default view (View All)/ delete all Client lost connection to server while doing port name changes...
  • Page 32 Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0. EFCM 9.7.3 to DCFM 10.3.0. Minimum bandwidth should be 10 MB/s for the tunnels created in HP StorageWorks 1606 Extension SAN switch and DC SAN Director Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0. Multiprotocol Extension blade. No privileged user for Zoning Online alone able to launch a Zoning dialog box but after some time, the Online Zone DB column becomes Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0.
  • Page 33 Workaround prior to upgrade: Close the FCIP Tunnel dialog box and open After adding the new circuit in the Circuits TAB between the 1606 it after some time. Values will then be extension SAN switch or multiprotocol blade, some fields are shown updated.
  • Page 34 Closed fixes summary Solution Workaround prior to upgrade: After restarting DCFM Server Services and F_Ports connected to Access Gateway are not shown as attached ports all new information are displayed under the switch. correctly. Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0. Incorrect Domain ID Displayed in Hover Help and Properties dialog Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0.
  • Page 35 Closed fixes summary Solution “Second switch not compatible with first switch” error is given when we select the 4/256 Director with Multiprotocol Router blade as Switch Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0. Two, for the DC SAN Backbone Director with Multiprotocol Router blade, which already has "One Side"...
  • Page 36 Closed fixes summary Solution Workaround prior to upgrade: Check the Committed option and able to Unable to create Single side tunnel when Uncommitted is checked in create the tunnel Add FCIP Circuit dialog box. Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0. Auto enclosure is not created in the Fabric view after discovering Host Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0.
  • Page 37 Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0. Some port fencing policies not applied to the 1606 extension SAN switch. The “+” sign is shown at the wrong time. The “>” is shown at Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0.
  • Page 38 Closed fixes summary Solution Wrong GbE port format has been mentioned in the Delete Progress Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0. dialog box, when the tunnel is deleted. Trunked ISL (2 connections) is displayed as single link and trunk status Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0. is not updated in the connections table.
  • Page 39 Closed fixes summary Solution In Email Event Notification some events are missing in email when Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0. Summary Interval is configured for 5 seconds. Workaround prior to upgrade: User has to delete all the zones which After Migration for the Interopmode 3 fabric, user is not able to activate contain D,P members from the Global a WWN zone config from the Global zone library if any D,P member zone Library.
  • Page 40 Closed fixes summary Solution Workaround prior to upgrade: Reset On Editing the view, there is a mismatch between the levels set under the levels under the Manage view the Manage view option in View menu and the levels shown in device option in view menu.
  • Page 41 Duplicate WWNs are accepted while launching Fabric_Switch_Con- Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0. figuration_Backup dialog box through LIC. Edit tunnel operation failed when trying to edit the tunnel present between 1606 extension SAN switch and multiprotocol extension Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0. blade. Workaround prior to upgrade:...
  • Page 42 Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0. In the Add FCIP Circuit dialog box, VLAN ID field is enabled for 1606 Extension SAN switch and multiprotocol extension blade. But VLAN Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0. Tagging is not supported in Discovery.
  • Page 43 Closed fixes summary Solution Workaround prior to upgrade: Change the seed switch or wait for seed switch auto failover in case of No proper error message is shown when trying to activate the zone seed switch unreachable, change the with seed switch in a pure MEOS fabric that is unreachable. User will credentials in case of authentication not know why the zone activation/deactivation failed.
  • Page 44 Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0. the Trigger section in Event Policy main dialog box. Workaround prior to upgrade: In Connection Properties table, E_Port of a 1606 extension SAN switch Relaunching the client. is shown as gigE port. Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0.
  • Page 45 Closed fixes summary Solution LS creation, ports added in incorrect order when slot 1, then slot 12 Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0. added to Right Hand Side. Workaround prior to upgrade: For VE-VEx connection, in Routing Domain IDs dialog box, unable to Domain ID for the phantom switch can move the phantom switch in the edge switch to the selected switches be configured in CLI.
  • Page 46 Web Tools is not launched for the switches in the SSL enabled server Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0. after migration. In the FCIP Tunnel dialog box, for the 1606 extension SAN switch, Router Icon has been shown, but in the topology, it has been shown Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0.
  • Page 47 Closed fixes summary Solution Zones Not Shown Correctly After Import. Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0. From a Management application to Management application migration, Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0. the call home that is enabled cannot be disabled. Workaround prior to upgrade: No work around for the Create View dialog box.
  • Page 48 Closed fixes summary Solution Wrong property value listed for the properties Enabled state, opera- Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0. tional status for “No Light” port state in Fabric OS Switch. Wrong property value listed for the properties “operational status” Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0. when disabling the No Light Port in Fabric OS Switch.
  • Page 49 Closed fixes summary Solution AssociatorNames fails for Brocade_SanProtocolEndPoint for Phantom switch with CIM classes CIM_Collection,CIM_Product,CIM_ManagedEle- Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0. ment. Unable to change "Enabled Default" value of Brocade_SwitchFCPort. Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0. Switch Instances were not returned while traversing from other classes to switch in a mixed fabric, but able to get instances while traversing Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0.
  • Page 50 Closed fixes summary Solution Workaround prior to upgrade: While removing the policy at the All Fabric level if it is also removed from In MEOS unassigning the threshold from “All Fabrics” does not unas- Chassis, the policy is removed from sign the policy assigned to the chassis group and VF All Fabric and Chassis.
  • Page 51 Closed fixes summary Solution Product Menu is empty/lost for mapped port Server and Storage Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0. devices. Local client and remote client launch takes 30 to 40 seconds in case Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0. if no fabrics are discovered in DCFM. Local Client hangs when the total port count is 10172 ports.
  • Page 52 Closed fixes summary Solution Zoning activation fails in case the port index greater than 255 is part Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0. of the zone Configuration in Interopmode 2. LSAN zone aliases missing. Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0. No instances listed while executing the EnumerateInstanceNames, EnumerateInstances operations for the class Brocade_HBAFCPortStat- Fixed in DCFM 10.4.0.
  • Page 53 DCFM 10.4.1a fixes Table 6 lists the fixes that were closed for this release. Table 6 DCFM 10.4.1a closed fixes Closed fixes summary Solution SystemName property is displayed without colon for Brocade_Ether- netPort and LANEndPoint classes when CEE switch is discovered via Fixed in DCFM 10.4.1a.
  • Page 54 Closed fixes summary Solution In a pure EOS fabric with Access Gateways, the fabric will not be discovered and no details are given in the error message regarding Fixed in DCFM 10.4.2. the failure. DCFM 10.4.3 fixes Table 8 lists the fixes that were closed for this release. Table 8 DCFM 10.4.3 closed fixes Closed fixes summary Solution...
  • Page 55: Effective Date

    Closed fixes summary Solution Workaround prior to upgrade: Users Port nicknames for end devices having both port and node with the can manually set the name through same WWN are not getting imported in Names dialog after migration the property dialog from EFCM 9.7.4.