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Integrated Routing - HP StorageWorks 1606 - Extension SAN Switch Release Note

Hp storageworks fos 6.3.0b release notes (5697-0360, april 2010)
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Integrated routing

To allow HCL on an 8/40 SAN Switch when using Integrated Routing, the edge switch connected
to the 8/40 SAN Switch must be running FOS 6.1 or later.
Integrated Routing EX_Ports are supported only in the base switch on a switch with VF enabled.
To test Integrated Routing functionality, first disable the VF feature (fosconfig --disable
Integrated Routing and Top Talkers cannot run concurrently in FOS 6.3.x. To use Integrated
Routing, be sure to disable Top Talkers before configuring EX_Ports.
FC FastWrite
When an FC FastWrite Initiator is moved to a port that does not have FC FastWrite enabled, I/O will
recover and revert to the slow path route (non-FC FastWrite). This is a change from FOS 6.2.x.
Native connectivity
FOS-based platforms operating in interopmode 2 or 3 should never be deployed in a fabric without
at least one M-series switch. FOS switches in interopmode 3 (McDATA Open Fabric Mode) do not
support configuration of zoning without an M-series switch in the fabric. When migrating from M-series
to B-series switches, all B-series switches should be configured to interopmode 0 (Brocade Native
mode) after the last M-series switch has been removed from the fabric.
M-EOSc switches may exhibit a behavior where they block all attached devices with a reason indication
of Blocked Temporarily, Internal. This can occur when you power cycle the M-series switch
while it was participating in a fabric with Frame Redirection zoning, a capability used for FOS-based
application or encryption services. If the switch is still participating in the fabric with Frame Redirection,
issue the cfgsave command from a Brocade FOS-based switch with the Frame Redirection zone in
its defined zone database. If the M-EOS switch is no longer attached to the fabric with Frame
Redirection zoning, issue the Config.Zoning.deleteSplZoneSet command via the CLI to the
M-EOS switch.
FCS Automatic Distribution
When using the FCS Automatic Distribution feature in FOS 6.0 or later, all switches in the fabric
must be running FOS 6.0 or later. If any switches are running FOS 5.x or earlier, only manual
distribution can be used.
FOS 6.0 or later allows FCS Automatic Distribution only when in strict mode, requiring only switches
with FOS 6.0 or later.
Due to limitations with the certificates, FCAP authentication cannot be supported on user-defined
logical switches. FCAP will continue to function with existing certificates for non-VF and the default
logical switch of VF-enabled switches. Note that authutil is not restricted from other logical
switches at this time, so it can still be enabled on unsupported LS.
The pkicert(1.06) utility may cause evm errors, so each new switch should be isolated from the
fabric in non-VF mode to install new certificates.
For FIPS mode, certificates must be installed before FIPS activation.



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