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HP StorageWorks 1606 - Extension SAN Switch Release Note

Hp storageworks fos 6.3.0b release notes (5697-0360, april 2010)
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HP StorageWorks FOS 6.3.0b Release
Part number: 5697-0360
Second edition: March 2010



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  • Page 1 HP StorageWorks FOS 6.3.0b Release Notes Part number: 5697-0360 Second edition: March 2010...
  • Page 2 Legal and notice information © Copyright 2009-2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. © Copyright 2009-2010 Brocade Communications Systems, Incorporated...
  • Page 3 Version 6.3.0b NOTE: This software conforms to the Fibre Channel (FC) standards and accepted engineering practices and procedures. Description Fabric OS (FOS) 6.3.0 introduced support for the following new hardware platforms: HP StorageWorks DC SAN Director Multiprotocol Extension Blade, the next-generation distance extension blade for the DC SAN Backbone Director and DC04 SAN Director, supports 12 FC ports operating at 1, 2, 4, and 8 Gb/s, 10 1-GbE ports and 2 10-GbE ports.
  • Page 4 Automatic Port Configuration (APC) Auto Rebalancing support for port groups; optional login balancing for individual port groups Option to disable Auto Rebalancing of logins when new N_Ports are detected Option to disable Auto Rebalancing of logins when fewer F_Ports are detected Optional support for persistent Arbitrated Loop Physical Access (ALPA) assignment APC auto detection of connection to M-series switch as N_Port connection Encryption platform enhancements...
  • Page 5: New Features

    Update recommendation All products supported by FOS 6.0.x can be upgraded to FOS 6.3.0b, with the exception of the following switches: HP StorageWorks 4/8 SAN Switch HP StorageWorks 4/16 SAN Switch Brocade 4Gb SAN Switch for HP p-Class BladeSystem Brocade 4Gb SAN Switch for HP c-Class BladeSystem If applicable, HP recommends that you upgrade to FOS 6.3.0b as soon as possible to take advantage of the latest fixes and features.
  • Page 6 NOTE: Advanced Compression is supported only with FOS 6.3.0a and later. Adaptive Rate Limiting (ARL)—The DC SAN Director Multiprotocol Extension Blade and 1606 Extension SAN Switch allow an FCIP tunnel connection to dynamically change the rate at which the tunnel transmits data through the TCP connections. ARL uses the information from the TCP connections to determine and adjust the rate limit for the FCIP tunnel dynamically.
  • Page 7: Optionally Licensed Software

    CEE/FCoE features 802.1x defines a client/server-based authentication protocol for port access control. It prohibits unknown/unauthorized clients from connecting to an Ethernet network through publicly accessible ports. The authentication server component of the system authenticates each client device or host connected to an authentication-enabled network port. Until the client is authenticated, 802.1x allows only the authentication protocol traffic (EAPOL) on the connected port.
  • Page 8 only 8 links on an ICL port.) This license is available on the DC04 SAN Director and DC SAN Backbone Director platforms only. It replaces the original ICL license for the DC04 SAN Director and is new for the DC SAN Backbone Director. Adaptive Networking—Ensures high-priority connections and obtains the network resources neces- sary for optimum performance, even in congested environments.
  • Page 9: Temporary License Support

    IMPORTANT: Most 2408 FCoE Converged Network Switch units shipped with FOS 6.1.2_cee1 did not include this license and must have it installed before upgrading to FOS 6.3.0. Failure to do so will result in the disabling of FC ports after the upgrade. Contact HP Support to obtain this license key if your 2408 switch does not already have it installed.
  • Page 10: New Hardware Support

    IEEE 802.1, DCB Capability Exchange Protocol (Proposed under the DCB Task Group of IEEE 802.1 Working Group) FC-BB-5, FCoE (Rev. 2.0.0) New hardware support FOS 6.3.0 introduced support for the following new hardware platforms: DC SAN Director Multiprotocol Extension Blade—Next-generation distance extension blade for the DC SAN Backbone Director and DC04 SAN Director.
  • Page 11: Devices Supported

    HP StorageWorks EVA4400 Embedded Switch Module (Brocade 5410) Brocade 8-Gb SAN Switch for HP BladeSystem c-Class (Brocade 5480) HP StorageWorks 1606 Extension SAN Switch (Brocade 7800) HP StorageWorks 2408 FCoE Converged Network Switch (Brocade 8000) HP StorageWorks DC SAN Director Switch 10/24 FCoE Blade (Brocade FCOE10-24) HP StorageWorks DC SAN Director Multiprotocol Extension Blade (Brocade FX8-24) Unsupported product models Any product models not listed in...
  • Page 12 HP StorageWorks DC SAN Backbone Director HP StorageWorks DC04 SAN Director HP StorageWorks 400 Multiprotocol Router HP StorageWorks EVA4400 Embedded Switch Module HP StorageWorks 1606 Extension SAN Switch (Brocade 7800) Access Gateway was introduced with FOS 5.2.1b. It allows a switch to operate in agmode, which provides simplified connectivity between large numbers of servers and the SAN.
  • Page 13 (such as WebTools) to a product with the most recent version of FOS. Some older versions of FOS do not fully support newer hardware models, and problems may arise when configuring settings through these older products. NOTE: Do not configure zoning through a switch operating with FOS 3.x in a fabric that has products operating with later versions of FOS.
  • Page 14 Table 1 Supported FOS versions Model Earliest compatible version Recommended version Not supported (support HP StorageWorks 1-Gb Switch ended December 2007) HP StorageWorks MSA SAN Switch 2/8 1,6,7 3.2.1c 3.2.1c HP StorageWorks Core Switch 2/64 HP StorageWorks SAN Director 2/128 in Chassis 5.0.5e 5.0.5f Config modes 3 and 4 only...
  • Page 15 HP StorageWorks SAN Director 16 Port 8-Gb FC Blade (FC8-16) HP StorageWorks SAN Director 32 Port 8-Gb FC 6.1.0f 6.3.0b Blade (FC8-32) HP StorageWorks SAN Director 48 Port 8-Gb FC Blade (FC8-48) HP StorageWorks SAN Director 6 Port 10-Gb ISL 6.1.0f 6.3.0b Blade (FC10-6)
  • Page 16 StorageWorks Merging Fabrics Based on M-series and B-series Fibre Channel Switches Application Notes, available at When routing to an M-EOS edge fabric using frame redirection, the fabric must have a FOS-based product in order to configure the frame redirection zone information. When directly attached to a host or target that is part of an encryption flow.
  • Page 17 DC SAN Backbone and DC04 SAN Director blade support FOS 6.3.0a is fully qualified and supports the DC Director blades listed in Table Table 3 DC Director blade support matrix Director blade Number of blades Supported with FOS 6.0.0b or later with any mix, with up FC8-16 to eight blades of each type on the DC SAN Backbone FC8-32...
  • Page 18 IMPORTANT: Director blades must meet the minimum FOS levels to operate in the Director chassis. For example, the FC8-32 is not supported in the 4/256 SAN Director with FOS 6.0.x. Table 4 Power supplies required for blades in Director chassis Director blade 4/256 SAN Director DC SAN Backbone Director and...
  • Page 19: Important Notes

    Important notes This section contains information that you should consider before you use this FOS release. DCFM compatibility FOS 6.3.0b is fully compatible with DCFM 10.3.x management software. DCFM is a comprehensive SAN management application that enables end-to-end management of HP B-series data center fabrics. It is the next-generation product and the successor to existing B-series management products, including HP StorageWorks Fabric Manager (FM) and Enterprise Fabric Connectivity Manager (EFCM).
  • Page 20: Webtools Compatibility

    M-EOS-based platforms must operate with M-EOS 9.8.1 or later for McDATA Fabric Mode (in- teropmode 2), or M-EOS 9.9.0 or later for Open Fabric Mode (interopmode 3). WebTools compatibility FOS 6.3 is supported with JRE 1.6.0 Update 13. If the JRE 1.6.0 version is not Update 13, the DCFM server/client and B-series Element Manager (WebTools) crashes on launch.
  • Page 21 E/EX_Port Authentication ISL Trunking (frame level) Dynamic Path Selection (DPS, exchange-based routing) Dynamic Load Sharing (DLS, port-based routing) Virtual Channels (VC RDY) FICON Management Server (Cascading) FICON MIHPTO Full Scalability (to maximum M-EOS fabric limits) Adaptive Networking QoS Adaptive Networking: Ingress Rate Limiting Advanced Performance Monitoring (APM) APM: Top Talkers Admin Domains...
  • Page 22 Integrated Routing Domain Offset Support 239 Domain Support (available on Mi10K only) Masterless F_Port Trunking (AG connect to FOS switches only) FC10-6 to FC10-6 ISL RASLog Events on Duplicate WWNs Virtual Fabrics Logical Fabric using LISLs (XISLs in base Fabric) Port Fencing Bottleneck Detection The feature is available, but not tested or supported.
  • Page 23: Firmware Upgrades And Downgrades

    Firmware upgrades and downgrades Upgrading to FOS 6.3.0b is allowed only from FOS 6.2.0a or later. The policy to support one-level migration only, which began with FOS 6.0.0, provides more reliable and robust migrations. By having fewer major changes in internal databases, configurations, and subsystems, the system can perform the upgrade more efficiently, ensuring a truly seamless and nondisruptive process for the fabric.
  • Page 24 NOTE: With the introduction of FOS 6.1.1, certain features and functions were removed from WebTools (resident in the firmware) and migrated to the DCFM management application. This has been carried forward to FOS 6.2.x and later. HP recommends that before upgrading to FOS 6.2.x or later, if you are not running DCFM on your fabric, you review the WebTools functionality moved to DCFM”...
  • Page 25 When additional circuits (and the network bandwidth provided by those circuits) are added to an already active tunnel, there is a short period where some frame loss can occur due to the process to refresh the internal FC frame routing tables in the switch. Therefore, additional circuits should be added only during low I/O periods using the FCIP tunnel being modified.
  • Page 26 The CLI syntax for the 1606 Extension SAN Switch/DC SAN Director Multiprotocol Extension Blade varies from the 7500/FR4-18i. See the Brocade Fabric OS Command Reference document for FOS 6.3 for details. Both ends of a tunnel must be identically configured for the Compression, FastWrite, and Tape Pipeline options.
  • Page 27 HP recommends that Spanning Tree Protocol and its variants be disabled on CEE interfaces that are connected to a server. The Fabric Provided MAC Address (FPMA) and Fibre Channel Identifier (FCID) assigned to a VN_Port cannot be associated with any front-end CEE port on which the FLOGI was received. LLDP neighbor information may be released before the timer expires when DCBX is enabled on a CEE interface.
  • Page 28: Virtual Fabrics

    Virtual Fabrics On VF-capable platforms, the VF feature (initially supported with FOS 6.2.0a) must be enabled in order to utilize the related capabilities, including logical switches and logical fabrics. When creating logical fabrics that include switches that are not VF-capable, it is possible to have two logical switches with different FIDs in the same fabric.
  • Page 29 NOTE: After upgrading to this firmware release, if users want to enable the Adaptive Networking QoS feature on 4-Gb platforms and on the Extended Fabrics E_Ports on both 4-Gb and 8-Gb platforms, they must do so explicitly through the available user interfaces. QoS is supported on switches in Access Gateway mode with FOS 6.3.0x.
  • Page 30: Integrated Routing

    Integrated routing To allow HCL on an 8/40 SAN Switch when using Integrated Routing, the edge switch connected to the 8/40 SAN Switch must be running FOS 6.1 or later. Integrated Routing EX_Ports are supported only in the base switch on a switch with VF enabled. To test Integrated Routing functionality, first disable the VF feature (fosconfig --disable vf).
  • Page 31 FICON For the DC SAN Backbone Director, FICON CUP is not allowed with a 48-port blade in the Default Logical Switch. All ports on a 48–port blade must be assigned to a user-defined Logical Switch to use them in a FICON CUP enabled switch. If CUP is enabled in the DLS and any ports on a 48-port blade are assigned to the DLS, all ports on that blade will be persistently disabled.
  • Page 32 As a best practice for deploying Fabric OS switches and directors into a FICON environment, verify the Fabric OS version shipped with the most current Fabric OS recommendation. HP Manageability recommends that you update all Fabric OS switches and directors to the same Fabric OS levels for production.
  • Page 33: Port Mirroring

    Port Mirroring On the 8/80 SAN Switch, the Port Mirroring feature has a limitation where all port mirror resources must remain in the same ASIC port group. The resources are the configure mirror port, Source Device, and Destination Device or ISL, if the Destination Device is located on another switch. The ASIC port groups are 0-15, 16-31, 32-47, 48-63, and 64-79.
  • Page 34 trunking with Extended Fabrics, FOS 6.2.x and later has been enhanced to support interoperability with these distance extension devices. FOS 6.3.0 and later allows Extended Fabrics E_Ports to operate in VC_RDY mode using either ARB or IDLE primitives as fill words. This allows frame-based trunking to be supported on Extended Fabrics E_Ports even when IDLE primitives are configured for these ports when operating in native VC_RDY mode.
  • Page 35 portCfgFillWord command The portCfgFillWord command configures the fill word for a single 8-Gb FC port. Syntax: portcfgfillword [slotnumber/]portnumber, mode Description: Use this command to configure the fill word for an 8-Gb FC port. (It does not apply to a non-8-Gb FC port.) This command disables and re-enables the port; the port comes online with the new fill-word setting.
  • Page 36 is connected to a 2-Gb or 4-Gb SFP, and that SFP is replaced with an 8-Gb SFP, then the current behavior of the mode is activated. Table 8 summarizes the portcfgfillword command. Table 8 portcfgfillword command summary Fabric OS version All 8-Gb switches (except 8-Gb 8-Gb SAN Switch for HP SAN Switch for HP BladeSystem...
  • Page 37: Webtools Functionality Moved To Dcfm

    Miscellaneous After changing domain offset followed by issuing an hafailover command on a DC SAN Backbone Director, DC04 SAN Director, or 4/256 SAN Director running FOS 6.3 in interopmode 2, the console log may generate continuous Unknown LSR type messages. You must either reboot the switch or issue another hafailover command to terminate the messages.
  • Page 38 Function WebTools 6.1.0 DCFM Comments FCIP tunnel configuration Port Admin Module > Configure > FCIP tunnel Viewing FCIP tun- GigE tab nels is still suppor- ted in WebTools 6.1.1, but New, Edit Config, and Delete are avail- able only in DCFM.
  • Page 39 An exception to this LUN configuration process: If the LUN was previously encrypted by the HP Encryption Switch or HP Encryption Blade, the LUN can be added to the CTC with the –encrypt and –lunstate =“encrypted” options. LUN configurations must be committed to take effect. No more than 25 LUNs can be added or modified in a single commit operation.
  • Page 40 of a security compromise. When disabling the encryption capabilities of the EE using the noted commands, the EE should not be hosting any CTCs. Ensure that all CTCs hosted on the HP Encryp- tion Switch or HP Encryption Blade are either removed or moved to a different EE in the HA Cluster or EG before disabling the encryption and security capabilities.
  • Page 41 In a DC SAN Director or DC04 SAN Director with FOS 6.3.0 and DC Switch encryption FC blades installed, you must set the quorum size to zero and disable the system card on the blade prior to downgrading to a FOS version earlier than 6.3.0. The System Card feature requires DCFM 10.3.0 or later.
  • Page 42 In an environment with a mixed firmware version (FOS 6.2.x + 6.3.0) Encryption Group, the I/O link state reported for FOS 6.2.x nodes is unreachable. During a rolling upgrade from FOS 6.2.0x to 6.3.0, you should see the I/O link status reported as Unreachable when the cryptocfg –show -loc command is invoked.
  • Page 43 NOTE: When configuring multipath LUNs, care should be taken to add LUN 0 on all of the paths, subject to the following considerations: • If LUN 0 presented by the back-end target is a controller LUN (not a disk LUN; that is, not visible in the discoverLUN output), add LUN 0 to the container as a clear text LUN.
  • Page 44 Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 Workaround prior to code change: This is due to multiple devices logging in simultaneously. So apply With McDATA default zone enabled, when numerious NPIV devices portdisable to all ports connected to in the default zone come online at the same instant, some devices were the devices and apply portenable missing from portcam table.
  • Page 45 Occasionally during the firmware upgrade process, the 1250 processor Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 is still rebooting when the FCR routes are being processed, resulting in missing FCR routes and an inability to route traffic across VEX ports. CUP Port present CU-Busy on one path and never sending CU-End to Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 clear busy.
  • Page 46 Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 Workaround prior to code change: 1. Pending Merge: While doing first time encryption to a LUN with more Disable the target ports. 2. Remove than 1 initiator active at the same time, rekey operations slowed one initiator from the container. 3. signficantly.
  • Page 47 Pending Merge: Repeatedly disconnect/reconnecting the ISL links between the HP StorageWorks Encryption SAN Switch in the HA cluster Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 environment while rekey operations are in progress may cause data miscompare. Encryption group can't automatically recover after it is split into 2 dif- Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 ferent islands.
  • Page 48 Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 Workaround prior to code change: A workaround to facilitate execution of admin level CLI commands using ssh, is to use syntax similar to: ssh -l admin Sshd allows admin login to execute root level Linux commands but not "rbash --login -c admin CLI commands.
  • Page 49 While rekey operations are in progress, disrupting the IO sync link Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 causes rekey operations to hang. In an atypical test configuration, system reboot observed on one of Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 two 2408 FCoE Converged Network switches configured as point-to- point FC connections.
  • Page 50 In IM2, mixed fabric with over 500 devices, name server counts do Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 not match for FOS and EOSc switches in the same fabric. EOSn count matches FOS name server count. Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 FCIP VE port: Fast recovery does not handle pure out of order packets. Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 Workaround prior to code change: Execute the following commands on...
  • Page 51 Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 In a large fabric (50+ switches), simultaneously disabling and enabling Workaround prior to code change: all switches could result in some switches stuck in F2 (unconfirmed) Disable and enable the switches that state. are stuck in F2 (domain ID not yet confirmed) state independently.
  • Page 52 Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 Workaround prior to code change: Option 1: Deactivate all paths that FICON XRC Emulation error handling OOO Status Frames. utilize the same device ports and reactivate at the same time. Option 2: Disable FICON XRC emulation. Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 Workaround prior to code change: HIL-1610 WARNING appeared on 8/40 switch units after power...
  • Page 53 Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 If configdownload is performed via DCFM, switch authentication failure Workaround prior to code change: may be seen. Issue hafailover or hareboot. Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 Add FIP version 0 handling. Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 Address configdownload problems. Due to race condition, daemons may panic during FID deletion and Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 creating without significant time delay in between.
  • Page 54 Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 WebTools Switch Admin: QoS: User defined priority group 0-7 does Workaround prior to code change: not show up in the drop down for priority group id. Use CLI to map user defined priority group to a CoS. 8/8 or 8/16 returned invalid value for 'swFCPortFlag' MIB object Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 from 8/8 or 8/16 on SNMP manager.
  • Page 55 Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 Detected termination of 0.weblinker.fcg:1315. LUN state became disabled with reason "Key not in sync" after 12 Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 hour run of stress test KV link failure/restore with online rekey. Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 Devices attached to AG are not considered as Virtual. Persistently disabled GE port on a Multiprotocol Router Blade becomes Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 disabled after hafailover.
  • Page 56 Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 Workaround prior to code change: When a trunk master port is disabled, fabric watch incorrectly sets the New master incorrectly reported as new trunk master’s health to offline, and remote side to faulty even offline or faulty after trunk master though port is online.
  • Page 57 In Access gateway mode,Port swap and Enable/Disable NPIV option Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 is enabled in WebTools. Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 As DCFM polling LUNs, the memory usage for weblinker is increased. Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 Workaround prior to code change: FDMI: fdmid crashes when a brocade HBA with virtual ports is connec- Logout all the devices registered their ted to a 4/256 SAN Director.
  • Page 58 DC SAN Director: configdownload: simple upload/download (switch Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 enabled) complaining about FID 128 and will not download with switch enabled. Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 Workaround prior to code change: Switch Admin: CEE: NPE is shown in error message when user applies User has to execute the CLI command a new FCoE login group (with Login management disabled.) fcoelogincfg before using WebTools...
  • Page 59 FVT: lun state never changed from write metadata to enable after GE Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 port enable. Urouteshow will lag for several seconds at a time while displaying the Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 route info. A LUN gets stuck in the Internal EE LUN State: Read Only (Internal Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 metadata key is in RO state).
  • Page 60 Switch Admin: Policies which are not chosen are showned in confirm- Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 ation page of ACL Policy configuration wizard. When attempting to swap ports from the GUI, the operation may fail Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 due to HTTP 500 error. Agd aborted due to *** glibc detected *** free(): invalid next size Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 (fast).
  • Page 61 Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 If TI zone operations are performed simultaneously on different Workaround prior to code change: switches, active CP may failover due to termination of Name server No workaround needed, the DC SAN module. Director CP fails over non-disruptively and retains all configuration data.
  • Page 62 Not able to add EE monitor on port 1 after firmware upgrade from Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 6.1.0c to 6.2.0 on 400 Multiprotocol router. Nsinfo.htm returns NPIV info as Physical if non-VF switch is connected Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 to VF enabled platform. CP experienced a kenel panic "Oops: kernel access of bad area, sig: Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 11 [#1]".
  • Page 63 If second FDISC comes in before the switch responds to the first FDISC Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 between the same pair of devices, the Access Gateway daemon panics. In WebTools, for Add operation in VLAN in CEE tab, all created data Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 is not added in the table.
  • Page 64 After user configured key ID without commit, CAL doesn't return key Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 ID value. Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 Auditcfg does not generate RBAC permission denied messages. 4Gb SAN Switch for c-Class BladeSystem puts out frequent warning Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 messsages (HIL-1505) that the temperature is above the threshold.
  • Page 65 Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 Switchshow lines for FCoE ports should always be in short format. Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 Workaround prior to code change: If user selects authentication type as "all", in interop modes the default .csv file related changes are authentication type is still FCAP between FOS switches.
  • Page 66 During stress test of deleting and creating DCC policies on LS, a assert Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 was observed on the console. Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 When FSPF database in edge fabric has an obsolete domain ID that duplicates to front domain for a newly merged switch, front domain Workaround prior to code change: fails to form completely in the edge fabric.
  • Page 67 Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 Workaround prior to code change: Command "portcfgdefault " performed on an internal Fport will convert When the system is working well, that Fport into an NPort. save that configuration somewhere so that it can be reapplied instead of relying on portcfgdefault.
  • Page 68 Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 Rare Instances of warm recovery failure during upgrade due to small Workaround prior to code change: timing window in library used by some services. Issue an additional reboot or hafailover. Fabstateshow log wrapping overwrites useful fabstate data on the Fixed in FOS 6.3.0 switch when interoperating with McDATA switches.
  • Page 69 FOS 6.3.0a fixes Table 11 lists defects closed in the FOS 6.3.0a firmware release. Table 11 FOS 6.3.0a closed defects Closed defect summary Solution Fixed in FOS 6.3.0a Switch panic occurs due to Out Of Memory condition when manage- ment application issues repeated FCR LUN emulation queries via SMI, Workaround prior to code change: or when polling a switch that had its password changed multiple times.
  • Page 70 With either the 1606 Extension SAN Switch or Multiprotocol Extension Blade, VE tunnel did not come up due to configuration mismatch for Fixed in FOS 6.3.0a tape pipelining. One side shows Write only and the other side shows Write/Read. High CPU load from DCFM performing supportsave causes port to Fixed in FOS 6.3.0a go offline with laser FLT/link reset.
  • Page 71 ifName value returned for xGBE port in WebTools does not match Fixed in FOS 6.3.0a CLI output. Fixed in FOS 6.3.0a If the ITL nexus in tape (target containers with initiator) to handle multi- Workaround prior to code change: plex/multistream environment is greater than 200, decreased perform- Reduce IT configurations (target ance is seen for some containers.
  • Page 72 Closed defect summary Solution With an HP StorageWorks 1606 SAN Extension Switch and an Mul- tiprotocol Extension Blade, smart data for GE-type ports (such as SFP Fixed in FOS 6.3.0b temperature and power) are not updated in sfpshow by the automatic polling loop.
  • Page 73: Effective Date

    Closed defect summary Solution When performing Power On Reset (POR) on an HP StorageWorks DC Fixed in FOS 6.3.0b SAN Director in a FICON environment, a kernel panic causes the switch to crash and reboot. An HP Storageworks 1606 SAN Extension Switch crashes after con- Fixed in FOS 6.3.0b necting FCIP ports to a test device that performs various perturba- tions/error injection on the port.

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