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HP Client Manager 6.1


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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    BIOS settings ... 11 HPCM installation and evaluation ... 13 Integration with other Enterprise Management Solutions ... 14 Altiris Connector for HP Systems Insight Manager ... 14 Altiris Connector for HP OpenView ... 14 HP Client Management Solutions ... 15 Summary ...

  • Page 2: Introduction

    Web-based operation. From the Altiris Console window, you can obtain information from and perform operations on the client computers. Figure 1. HP workstations, business PCs, and notebook computers connected to a Microsoft Windows 2000 server or Microsoft Windows 2003 server running HPCM 6.1...

  • Page 3

    CPU identification, and many more inventory items. With HPCM 6.1, you can even gather basic information for your non-HP client computers. • Health monitoring: The health monitoring capabilities of HPCM allow you to select from a set of client-side events, such as a chassis intrusion, disk drive error, battery status, thermal changes, and “walking assets”...

  • Page 4: New Features In Hpcm 6.1

    – Perform diagnostics on computer components and view reports of test results. – Connect to an HP Support Representative through an Active Chat session if needed or link to the HP Instant Support knowledgebase for more information.

  • Page 5

    • Management of systems with HP ProtectTools embedded security chip (requires SP1) – Identify and inventory HP client computers that include the ProtectTools embedded security chip. Use the HP Client Manager console to remotely initialize the security chip on your computers saving time in...

  • Page 6: Understanding How Hpcm Works

    Understanding how HPCM works Understanding HPCM is aided by viewing the HPCM client/server block diagram, shown in Figure 3. Figure 3. HPCM block diagram The underlying infrastructure of HPCM is Notification Server 6.0 (NS 6.0). HPCM 6.1 plugs into NS 6.0, as do a number of other manageability solutions from Altiris, including Altiris Client Management Suite and Altiris Asset Management Suite.

  • Page 7: Extensive Reporting Capability

    The Altiris Console Client Inventory screen, shown below, highlights some of the inventory information that is available from HP client computers. In this case, Machines by System ID is selected in the left pane and the SysID for each client machine is displayed in the right pane.

  • Page 8: Health Monitoring

    Health monitoring The partial screen capture below shows the events that can be selected in order to monitor the health of your client computers. You can select the threshold values for free disk space and battery charge level. When a selected event occurs, such as a battery fault, HPCM responds based on your predefined notification policies.

  • Page 9: Diagnostics

    Diagnostics Diagnostics are performed on the memory, CPU, storage devices and I/O devices. The partial screen capture in Figure 6 shows a typical diagnostics report. Errors detected by the diagnostic software are reported in the far right column (not shown in this screen shot). Figure 6.

  • Page 10: Updating System Software

    HPCM Server for downloading and installation on client computers. HPCM installs software that is encapsulated into SoftPaqs and stored in the SoftPaq Filestore on the HPCM Server. The HP SoftPaq Filestore Configuration screen shown below is used to enter the path to the SoftPaq Filestore.

  • Page 11: Bios Settings

    HPCM allows you to modify the BIOS settings on client computers without having to individually visit and reboot each client computer. The HP BIOS Administration Wizard helps you change the BIOS settings that HPCM can modify, as shown in Figure 8.

  • Page 12

    Figure 9. Changing BIOS settings...

  • Page 13: Hpcm Installation And Evaluation

    HPCM installation and evaluation The best way to learn about the capabilities of HPCM is to install it and use it. HP recommends that you do this first in a simple workgroup environment consisting of one Microsoft Windows server and just one client computer.

  • Page 14: Integration With Other Enterprise Management Solutions

    Using the link from the HP OpenView console to the HP Client Management Solutions, you can reduce the time needed to resolve issues such as identifying inventory changes, image deployment, and software repair and updates.

  • Page 15: Hp Client Management Solutions

    HP client computing environments. HPCM will help increase your efficiency and productivity in managing your HP client computers. You won't need to visit a particular computer in order to perform tasks like running diagnostics or changing the BIOS settings. From the Altiris Console, you can perform these tasks centrally and view detailed client information.

  • Page 16: For More Information

    For more information As noted above, HP recommends that you perform a trial download and installation of HPCM to verify for yourself that it will significantly enhance the manageability of your HP client computer systems. For further information on HPCM and other HP Client Management Solutions, please visit

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