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HP G3 KVM User Manual: Changing The Toolbar; Adjusting The Window Size; Adjusting The View

Console switch.
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Changing the toolbar

Select the amount of elapsed time before the toolbar hides in the Video Viewer window when it is in the
show/hide state.
To specify a toolbar hide time:
Select Tools>Session Options from the Video Viewer window menu.
The Session Options dialog box appears.
Click the Toolbar tab.
Use the arrow keys to specify the number of elapsed seconds prior to hiding the toolbar.
Click OK to save changes and close the dialog box.

Adjusting the window size

When using the switch OBWI for the first time, any open Video Viewer windows have a display resolution
of 1024 x 768. Each Video Viewer window can have a different resolution.
The switch OBWI automatically adjusts the display if the window size changes during a session when
auto-scaling is enabled. If the target device resolution changes during a session, the display adjusts
To change the Video Viewer window resolution:
Click View>Scaling.
Select a resolution.
The View>Scaling command is not available if the Video Viewer window is in Full Screen mode.

Adjusting the view

Using menus or task buttons in the Video Viewer window, do the following:
Align mouse cursors.
Refresh the screen.
Enable or disable Full Screen mode.
Enable automatic, full, or manual scaling of the session image.
Change the color depth of the session image.
To align mouse cursors, click the Align Local Cursor button in the Video Viewer window toolbar. The local
cursor aligns with the cursor on the remote device.
If the cursors drift out of alignment, turn off mouse acceleration on the attached device.
To refresh the screen, click the Refresh Image button in the Video Viewer window or select
View>Refresh from the Video Viewer window menu. The digitized video image regenerates.
To enable Full Screen mode, click the Maximize button or select View>Full Screen from the Video
Viewer window menu. The desktop window disappears and only the accessed device desktop is visible.
Display area—Accesses the device desktop.
Frame—Resizes the Video Viewer window by clicking
and holding on the frame.
Managing remote servers through the Video Session Viewer 59


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