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Grizzly G0554Z Owner's Manual: Gap Removal

14" x 40" gear-head floor lathe.
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13. When you are confident that you have adjust-
ed the spindle nut so that there is no spindle
end-play or preload, tighten the spindle nut
an additional
" turn clockwise to introduce
the correct amount of spindle bearing pre-
load, which is 0.003" (see Figure 98).
Tip: Scribe marks on the spindle nut and the
head casting to aid in turning the spindle nut
Figure 98. turning the spindle nut
14. re-install the three cap screws into the spin-
dle nut, then prepare the lathe for operation
by re-assembling all of the lathe parts.
Note: Drain the headstock oil before replac-
ing the cover and remove any debris from the
inside of the headstock. Use a good quality
silicone sealant when re-installing the head-
stock cover, then refill it with lubricant
15. install the chuck and tighten the jaws into the
center, set the spindle to a medium speed,
then connect the lathe to power and let it run
for approximately 20 minutes.
16. turn the spindle OFF, let it come to a com-
plete stop, then check the temperature of the
— if the spindle is slightly warm to the touch,
you have the correct spindle bearing pre-
— if the spindle is hotter than you can com-
fortably keep your hand on, the preload is
too tight and you must repeat this spindle
bearing preload procedure.
When repeating the procedure, rotate the
spanner nut a
" less during Step 13.

Gap Removal

the Model g0554z comes equipped with a gap
section below the spindle that can be removed for
turning large diameter parts or when using a large
diameter faceplate.
the gap is installed, then ground at the factory
during lathe assembly for precise fit and align-
ment. Factors during the remaining assembly
and subsequent transport of the machine apply
additional forces to the gap; therefore, replacing
the gap to the original position will be very difficult
once you remove it. if you choose to remove
the gap, we do not recommend attempting to
replace it.
Tools Needed
Wrench 14mm ................................................... 1
hex Wrench 8mm .............................................. 1
dead Blow hammer .......................................... 1
To remove the gap:
Back up the preload set screw to release the
locking tension on the gap (see Figure 99).
set screw
taper pins
Figure 99. lathe gap.
remove the four cap screws that secure the
tighten the hex nuts on the taper pins until
the pins release from the gap, then remove
the pins.
tap the outside of the gap with a dead blow
hammer to loosen it, then remove the gap
Model g0554z (Mfg 01/09+)


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