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Grizzly G0554Z Owner's Manual: Centers

14" x 40" gear-head floor lathe.
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your Model g0544z lathe includes one hss
Mt#3 dead center, one carbide-tipped dead cen-
ter, and one Mt#5–Mt#3 tapered sleeve, as
shown in Figure 35.
hss dead
Figure 35. tapered sleeve and dead centers.
the tapered sleeve is for mounting the hss dead
center in the spindle.
Dead centers
A dead center is a one-piece center that does not
rotate with the component it is mounted into and is
used to support long, slender workpieces
use the hss dead center in the spindle where the
workpiece does not rotate on the tip and does not
generate friction.
the carbide-tipped dead center can better with-
stand the effects of friction and is used in the
tailstock when the workpiece rotates on its tip. in
this case, the tip of the center must be lubricated
with an anti-sieze lubricant to avoid premature
wear and maximize smooth operation. Also, keep
the spindle speeds low to reduce the heat and
wear from friction.
dead Center
Live centers
Although the dead center achieves a more accu-
rate finished product, it requires low spindle
speeds to avoid heat from friction damaging the
center of workpiece. the live center has bear-
ings that allow the center tip and the workpiece
to rotate together, and can be installed in the
spindle and the tailstock quill for higher speeds,
but with a slight bit of accuracy loss. refer to the
AccESSORiES section on page 48 for a live
center option from grizzly.
using Dead center in Spindle
When mounting the workpiece between cen-
ters, install a lathe dog on the spindle end of the
workpiece and insert the tail of the dog into the
chuck or faceplate to keep the workpiece and
center rotating together during operation (see
Figure 36 for an example).
dead Center
lathe dog
Figure 36. Example of using a dead center with
a faceplate and lathe dog.
When using a center in the spindle to mount
a workpiece, the other end of the workpiece
MuST be supported by a center installed in
the tailstock quill to safely hold the workpiece
in place during operation. Otherwise, the
workpiece can be ejected from the lathe
when the spindle rotates and could cause
serious personal injury or property dam-
Model g0554z (Mfg 01/09+)


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