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Grizzly G0554Z Owner's Manual: Tailstock Alignment

14" x 40" gear-head floor lathe.
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Tailstock Alignment

the tailstock offset of your lathe was aligned
with the spindle center line at the factory. We
recommend that you take the time to ensure that
the tailstock is aligned to your own desired toler-
ances, especially if you have changed the offset
to cut shallow tapers.
To align the tailstock offset to the spindle cen-
ter line:
use a precision level to make sure the
bedway is level from side-to-side and from
— if the bedway is not level, correct this condi-
tion before continuing with this procedure.
obtain two pieces of steel round stock 2" in
diameter and 6" long.
Center drill both ends of one piece of round
stock, then set it aside for use in Step 6.
use the other piece of round stock to make
a dead center by turning a shoulder to make
a shank, then flip the piece over in the chuck
and turn a 60° point, as shown in Figure 39.
Figure 39. turning a dead center.
Model g0554z (Mfg 01/09+)
Note: As long as this dead center remains in
the chuck, the point of the center will remain
true to the spindle center line. The point will
have to be refinished whenever the center is
removed and then returned to the chuck.
install a center in the tailstock.
Attach a lathe dog to the piece of stock from
Step 3, then mount it between the centers, as
shown in Figure 40.
Figure 40. round stock mounted between the
turn 0.010" off the diameter of the stock.
Mount a test or dial indicator so that the
plunger is on the tailstock quill.
Note: If necessary in the following step,
refer to Cutting Shallow Tapers with the
Tailstock on Page 32 for adjusting the
tailstock offset.


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