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Grizzly G0554Z Owner's Manual Page 47

14" x 40" gear-head floor lathe.
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Move the middle gears up to mesh with the
top gear, then tighten the hex nut to hold it in
Note: When meshing the middle gears, make
sure there is a backlash of 0.001"–0.002"
between the gears.
Move the pivot assembly to the right to mesh
the middle gears with the bottom gear, then
tighten the pivot hex nut.
disengage the feed gearing and make sure
the gears rotate with the correct amount of
backlash, then close and secure the left side
carriage feed rate is dependent upon the
spindle speed—higher spindle speeds
equal higher feed rates! pay close atten-
tion to the movement of the carriage or
cross slide and keep your hand poised over
the power feed lever to disengage it when
necessary. Failure to fully understand this
could result in the lathe components crash-
ing into each other causing severe damage
to the lathe.
Engaging power Feed
Carriage or cross slide powered movement for
non-threading operations uses the feed rod. For
threading, the longitudinal leadscrew and half-
nut are used (refer to Threading on page 46 for
detailed instructions).
To engage the power feed for non-threading
Make sure the spindle is OFF and has come
to a complete stop.
Model g0554z (Mfg 01/09+)
use the power feed direction lever to select
the rotation direction of the feed rod (see the
illustration in Figure 61).
Note: The direction arrows shown above and
below the power feed direction lever are only
accurate when the spindle is rotating coun-
terclockwise (toward the operator). As the
spindle reverses, so will the direction of the
power feed.
Power Feed
Direction Lever
In Neutral Position
Figure 61. power feed direction lever.
use the power feed lever on the front of the
apron to select powered movement of the
carriage or the cross slide (see Figure 62).
— For longitudinal power feed of the carriage,
pull the lever to the right and up.
— For power feed of the cross slide, push the
lever to the left and down.
Figure 62. power feed lever positions.
For Carriage
For Cross
Slide Travel


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