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Grizzly G0554Z Owner's Manual Page 19

14" x 40" gear-head floor lathe.
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To test run the machine:
Make sure you understand the safety instruc-
tions at the beginning of the manual and that
the machine is set up properly.
if a chuck or faceplate is mounted on the
spindle, make sure that it is firmly secured
and will not come loose during operation (see
pages 24 & 29 for detailed instructions).
Make sure all tools and objects used during
setup are cleared away from the machine.
Make sure the headstock, gearbox, and
apron oil reservoirs are filled with oil (refer
to the Lubrication section on page 52 for
detailed instructions).
Fill the coolant reservoir with coolant (refer
to coolant System on page 54 for detailed
to keep the carriage components from mov-
ing during the remaining steps, set the car-
riage controls as follows (see Figure 13):
— Move the feed lever to the center (disen-
gaged) position.
— Move the half-nut lever up to disengage it.
Note: If necessary, refer to Basic Controls
beginning on Page 21 for additional informa-
tion for using the carriage controls and con-
trol panel switches.
half-nut lever
in up
Feed lever
in Center (neutral) position
Figure 13. Carriage controls correctly setup for
the Test Run.
Model g0554z (Mfg 01/09+)
spindle lever
in Center (neutral)
push the emergency stop button in, then
twist it clockwise until it pops out. When the
emergency stop button pops out, the switch
is reset and ready for operation (see Figures
Figure 14. resetting the switch.
stop Button
Jog Button
power lamp
Coolant switch
Figure 15. Control panel.
Connect the lathe to power, then turn the
main power switch ON shown in Figure 16.
Figure 16. Main power switch on the left rear of
the lathe.
Main power switch


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