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Grizzly G0554Z Owner's Manual: Spindle Break-in; Recommended Adjustments

14" x 40" gear-head floor lathe.
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Spindle break-in

Successfully complete all of the spindle
break-in steps to avoid rapid deterioration
of the spindle bearings and components.
To break-in the spindle bearings:
successfully complete the Test Run proce-
dure beginning on page 16.
disConnECt lAthE FroM poWEr!
Make sure the carriage is disengaged from
the leadscrew and feed rod (refer to Step 6
on page 17 for instructions).
set the lathe to a spindle speed of 60 rpM
(refer to Setting Spindle Speed on page 38
for detailed instructions).
Connect the machine to power and move the
spindle lever down to start the spindle rotat-
ing counterclockwise, then let the lathe run
for 20 minutes.
Move the spindle lever to the center position,
wait for the spindle to come to a complete
stop, then move the spindle lever up to start
the spindle rotating in the opposite direction
(clockwise). let the lathe run for another 20
repeat Steps 2–6 for the spindle speeds of
160, 650, and 1800 rpM.
Model g0554z (Mfg 01/09+)
turn the lathe OFF and allow the spindle to
come to a complete stop, then disconnect the
lathe from power.
place your hand on the spindle to test its
operational temperature.
— if the spindle is hotter than you can com-
fortably leave your hand on, the spindle
bearing preload may need to be adjusted.
refer to the Spindle bearing preload sec-
tion on page 62 for detailed instructions.
— if the spindle temperature feels warm, the
Spindle break-in procedure is complete
and your lathe is ready for operation.
For your convenience, the adjustments listed
below have been performed at the factory.
however, because of the many variables involved
with shipping, we recommend that you at least
verify the following adjustments to ensure the best
possible results from your new machine.
step-by-step instructions for these adjustments
can be found on the pages referenced below.
Factory adjustments that should be verified:
tailstock alignment (page 33).
Cross slide backlash adjustment (page 58).
gib adjustments (page 58).
After the first 16 hours of use, the v-belts
will stretch and seat into the pulley grooves.
The v-belts must be properly re-tensioned
after this period to avoid severely reducing
their useful life (refer to the Tensioning/
Replacing V-Belts section on Page 53 for
detailed instructions.


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