Grizzly G0554Z Owner's Manual: Placing & Assembling Lathe

14" x 40" gear-head floor lathe.
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placing &
Assembling Lathe
The Model G0554Z is a
heavy machine. Serious
personal injury may occur
if safe moving methods
are not used. To be safe,
get assistance and use
power equipment rated
for at least 3500 lbs. to
move the shipping crate
and machine.
To place and assemble your lathe:
prepare the permanent location for the lathe
and select the method of mounting it to the
floor (refer to Mounting to Shop Floor on
page 16 for options).
Note: As an additional option, you can use
the six cast iron foot pads and leveling hard-
ware that are included with your lathe.
remove the shipping crate top and sides,
then remove the small components from the
shipping pallet.
Move the lifting hole covers out of the way
and slide the iron/steel round stock lifting
bars completely through each end of the
stand (see Figure 7).
Figure 7. lifting strap positioned on a lifting bar
that is inserted through the lifting holes.
lifting holes
to balance the lifting load, loosen the tailstock
lock lever, move the tailstock to the end of the
bedway, then lock it in place (see Figure 8).
tailstock lock lever
Figure 8. tailstock lock lever.
to further balance the load, loosen the car-
riage lock, make sure the feed lever is in the
center (disengaged) position, the half-nut
lever is in the up (disengaged) position, then
use the carriage handwheel to move the car-
riage to the right (see Figure 9).
Figure 9. Carriage controls set for moving the
Model g0554z (Mfg 01/09+)

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