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Grizzly G0554Z Owner's Manual: Additional Safety Instructions For Metal Lathes

14" x 40" gear-head floor lathe.
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Additional Safety for Metal Lathes
cLEARiNG cHipS. Metal chips can eas-
ily cut bare skin—even through a piece of
cloth. Avoid clearing chips by hand or with
a rag. use a brush or vacuum to clear metal
cHucK KEy SAFETy. A chuck key left in
the chuck can become a dangerous pro-
jectile when the spindle is started. Always
remove chuck key after using it. develop a
habit of not taking your hand off of a chuck
key unless it is away from the machine.
TOOL SELEcTiON. Cutting with an incor-
rect or dull tool increases the risk of acci-
dental injury because extra force is required,
which increases risk of breaking or dislodg-
ing components. Always select the right
cutter for the job, and make sure it is sharp.
A correct, sharp tool decreases strain and
provides a better finish.
SEcuRiNG THE WORKpiEcE. Make sure
workpiece is properly secured in the chuck
or faceplate before starting the lathe. A
thrown workpiece may cause severe injury
or even death.
LARGE cHucKS. large chucks are very
heavy and difficult to grasp, which can lead
to crushed fingers or hands if mishandled.
get assistance when installing or remov-
ing large chucks to reduce this risk. protect
your hands and the precision ground ways
by using a chuck cradle or piece of plywood
over the ways of the lathe when servicing
SAFE cLEARANcES. Workpieces that
crash into other components on the lathe
may throw dangerous projectiles in all direc-
tions. Before starting the spindle, make
sure workpiece has adequate clearance by
rotating it through its entire range of motion.
Also, check tool and tool post clearance,
chuck clearance, and saddle clearance.
SpEED RATES. operating the lathe at
the wrong speed can cause nearby parts
to break or the workpiece to come loose,
which could result in them becoming dan-
gerous projectiles. large workpieces must
be turned at slow speedsAlways use the
appropriate feed and speed rates.
STOppiNG LATHE by HAND. stopping
the spindle by putting your hand on the
workpiece or chuck creates an extreme risk
of entanglement, impact, crushing, friction,
or cutting hazards. never attempt to slow
or stop the lathe chuck by using your hand.
Allow the spindle to come to a stop on its
own or use the brake (if equipped).
cRASHES. driving the cutting tool or other
lathe component into the chuck may cause
an explosion of metal fragments, which
can result in severe impact injuries and
major damage to the lathe. reduce this
risk by releasing automatic feeds after use,
not leaving lathe unattended, and check-
ing clearances before starting the lathe.
Make sure no part of the tool, tool holder,
compound slide, cross slide, or carriage will
contact the chuck during operation.
10. LONG STOcK SAFETy. long stock can
whip violently if not properly supported,
causing serious impact injury and damage to
the lathe. reduce this risk by supporting any
stock that extends from the chuck/headstock
more than three times its own diameter.
Always turn long stock at slow speeds.
11. cOOLANT SAFETy. Contaminated cool-
ant is a very poisonous biohazard that can
cause personal injury from skin contact
alone. incorrectly positioned coolant nozzles
can splash on the operator or the floor,
resulting in an exposure or slipping hazard.
to decrease your risk, change coolant regu-
larly and position the coolant nozzle where it
will not splash or end up on the floor.
Model g0554z (Mfg 01/09+)


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