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Grizzly G0554Z Owner's Manual: Checking/cleaning Coolant System

14" x 40" gear-head floor lathe.
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Replacing v-belts
disConnECt lAthE FroM poWEr!
perform Steps 2–3 of the previous proce-
loosen the three top adjustment hex nuts,
then raise the motor up by evenly rotating
the hex nuts underneath the motor mounting
plate until there is enough slack in the V-belts
to roll them off the motor pulley.
replace both V-belts at the same time,
properly tension them as instructed in the
previous procedure, then replace the access
panels and secure the left side door.
coolant System
coolant is a potent and
solution to humans and
animals. use personal
when handling coolant
to prevent infections or
A screen in the splash pan keeps large swarf
under the bedway where it can be removed dur-
ing daily cleaning. however, smaller swarf washes
down into the coolant tank where it is separated
from the pump by a wall inside the tank. if this
swarf builds up higher than the wall, then it over-
flows into the pump chamber and clogs the pump.
regular cleaning of the reservoir will ensure the
swarf never flows over the separating wall.
A small amount of coolant is lost during normal
operation. Check the coolant tank daily and fill
it if necessary. in addition, coolant eventually
becomes rancid or contaminated with dangerous
microbes, which makes it unsuitable for further
use. When this happens, drain, clean, and refill
the tank.
checking coolant Tank
When checking the coolant tank, the goal is to
make sure there is enough coolant, the swarf level
in the first chamber of the tank is not too high, and
the coolant has not become contaminated.
Tools Needed
phillips screwdriver ........................................... 1
Flashlight ........................................................... 1
To check the coolant tank:
Always use non-flammable water-based
coolant to avoid explosions when the fluid
comes in contact with hot metal chips from
the milling operation. For best results, always
follow the coolant manufacturer's recom-
mendations for coolant/water ratios.
disConnECt thE Mill FroM poWEr!
remove the right side access panel to exam-
ine the coolant tank, as shown in Figure 83.
drain Chute
Figure 83. Coolant tank and pump.
Model g0554z (Mfg 01/09+)


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