Grizzly G0554Z Owner's Manual: Section 8: Wiring; Wiring Safety Instructions

14" x 40" gear-head floor lathe.
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these pages are current at the time of printing. however, in the spirit of improvement, we may make chang-
es to the electrical systems of future machines. study this section carefully. if there are differences between
your machine and what is shown in this section, call technical support at (570) 546-9663 for assistance
BEForE making any changes to the wiring on your machine.
Wiring Safety instructions
SHOcK HAZARD. Working on wiring that
is connected to a power source is extremely
dangerous. touching electrified parts will
result in personal injury including but not lim-
ited to severe burns, electrocution, or death.
disconnect the power from the machine
before servicing electrical components!
QuALiFiED ELEcTRiciAN. due to the
inherent hazards of electricity, only a quali-
fied electrician should perform wiring tasks
on this machine. if you are not a quali-
fied electrician, get help from one before
attempting any kind of wiring job.
WiRE cONNEcTiONS. All connections
must be tight to prevent wires from loosen-
ing during machine operation. double-check
all wires disconnected or connected during
any wiring task to ensure tight connections.
wires or components increase the risk of
serious personal injury, fire, or machine
damage. if you notice that any wires or
components are damaged while performing
a wiring task, replace those wires or compo-
nents before completing the task.
The photos and diagrams
included in this section are
best viewed in color. You
can view these pages in
color at
Model g0554z (Mfg 01/09+)
MODiFicATiONS. using aftermarket parts or
modifying the wiring beyond what is shown
in the diagram may lead to unpredictable
results, including serious injury or fire.
MOTOR WiRiNG. the motor wiring shown
in these diagrams is current at the time of
printing, but it may not match your machine.
Always use the wiring diagram inside the
motor junction box.
cApAciTORS. some capacitors store an
electrical charge for up to five minutes after
being disconnected from the power source.
to avoid being shocked, wait at least this
long before working on capacitors.
ciRcuiT REQuiREMENTS. you Must fol-
low the requirements on page 9 when con-
necting your machine to a power source.
EXpERiENciNG DiFFicuLTiES. if you are
experiencing difficulties understanding the
information included in this section, contact
our technical support at (570) 546-9663.

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