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Grizzly G0554Z Owner's Manual: Section 2: Circuit Requirements; Single-phase Operation

14" x 40" gear-head floor lathe.
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220v Single-phase
Serious personal injury could occur if you
connect the machine to power before com-
pleting the setup process. DO NOT connect
the machine to the power until instructed
later in this manual.
Electrocution or fire could
result if machine is not
grounded and installed in
compliance with electrical
codes. compliance MuST
be verified by a qualified
Full Load Amperage Draw
this machine draws the following amps under
maximum load:
Amp draw .............................................. 14 Amps
power Supply circuit Requirements
you Must connect your machine to a grounded
circuit that is rated for the amperage given below.
never replace a circuit breaker on an existing cir-
cuit with one of higher amperage without consult-
ing a qualified electrician to ensure compliance
with wiring codes. if you are unsure about the
wiring codes in your area or you plan to con-
nect your machine to a shared circuit, consult
a qualified electrician.
Minimum Circuit size ............................. 20 Amps
Model g0554z (Mfg 01/09+)
Minimum cord Requirements
use a stranded-copper flexible cord that meets
the minimum requirements listed below, does
not exceed 50 ft., and has an insulation type that
starts with "s." A qualified electrician Must deter-
mine the best cord to use in your environment
depending on exposure to moisture, heat, and
oils. refer to the power Terminal wiring diagram
on page 70 for connection details.
220V single-phase ...............14/3 AWg, 300VAC
power connection Device
the type of plug required to connect your machine
to power depends on the type of service you cur-
rently have or plan to install. We recommend
using the plug shown in Figure 2.
Current Carrying Prongs
6-20 PLUG
Grounding Prong
Figure 2. nEMA 6-20 plug and receptacle.
Extension cords
using extension cords may reduce the life of the
motor. instead, place the machine near a power
source. if you must use an extension cord:
use at least a 14 gauge cord that does not
exceed 50 feet in length!
the extension cord must also have a ground
wire and plug pin.
A qualified electrician Must size cords over
50 feet long to prevent motor damage.


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