Grizzly G0554Z Owner's Manual: Jaw Chuck

14" x 40" gear-head floor lathe.
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installing cam-Lock Studs
Tools Needed
hex Wrench 5mm .............................................. 1
To install cam-lock studs into a chuck or face-
lay the chuck or faceplate upside down on
protective, flat surface.
if installed, remove the three locking cap
screws adjacent to the cam-lock mounting
holes (see Figure 27).
locking Cap
Figure 27. Cam-lock stud and locking cap
thread the cam-lock studs into the chuck
or faceplate until the depth mark shown in
Figure 28 is even with the surface of the
chuck or faceplate and the curved indent on
the side of the stud faces the locking cap
screw hole.
depth Mark
Figure 28. Cam-lock stud depth mark.
install and tighten the locking cap screws.
Make sure that the cam-lock studs can rock
back-and-forth against the head of the lock-
ing cap screw.
— if the cam-lock studs cannot rock back-
and-forth against the locking cap screw,
repeat Steps 2–5 until they do.

3-Jaw chuck

your lathe is shipped with a 6" 3-jaw, direct
mount scroll chuck and has three cam-lock studs
that hold the chuck tight to the spindle nose.
the jaws are hardened steel that self-center the
workpiece within 0.002"–0.003" and are revers-
ible for machining larger workpieces.
Reversing Jaws
Tools Needed
hex Wrench 8mm .............................................. 1
To reverse the jaw:
disConnECt lAthE FroM poWEr!
remove the two cap screws that secure each
top jaw, as shown in Figure 29, then remove
the top jaw.
Figure 29. loosening the jaw cap screws.
Model g0554z (Mfg 01/09+)

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