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Grizzly G0554Z Owner's Manual Page 65

14" x 40" gear-head floor lathe.
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remove the three cap screws that secure the
spindle nut.
if you are performing this procedure because
the normal operating temperature of the
spindle was too hot, proceed with Step 8.
if you are performing this procedure because
of excessive spindle end-play, go to Step 9.
to unload the bearing preload, insert the
spindle lock key in a spindle indent to keep
the spindle from rotating, the use the spanner
wrench to loosen the spindle nut one full turn
Note: You may have to tap on the outboard
portion of the spindle as explained in Step 9
to help unload the spindle preload and break
the spindle nut loose.
place the wooden block over the outboard
end of the spindle, and hit it soundly with
the heavy dead blow hammer, as shown in
Figure 96.
your goal is to slide the spindle forward just
enough to introduce spindle end-play that
you can feel by hand.
Figure 96. introducing detectable spindle end-
Model g0554z (Mfg 01/09+)
10. place a dial indicator on the cross slide and
move the carriage toward the spindle until the
contact point of the indicator just touches the
spindle face, then zero out the dial, as shown
in Figure 97.
Figure 97. dial indicator setup.
11. Move the carriage and indicator an additional
0.100" toward the spindle.
12. Keep the spindle from rotating with the spin-
dle lock key, then use the spanner wrench
to tighten the spindle nut clockwise until the
indicator dial needle just stops moving.
While tightening the spindle nut, rock the
spindle back-and-forth slightly to make sure
the tapered roller bearing seat properly in
their races.
When the dial indicator needle stops moving,
there will be no spindle end-play and no bear-
ing preload. it is essential that you find this
point without tightening the spindle nut further
and preloading the bearings.
if you think you may have gone past the
zero end-play point, take the time to unload
the bearings as instructed in Step 8, then
retighten the spindle nut until you know you
have reached the correct setting.
Tip: Since it takes great effort to properly
turn the spindle nut, you may find it difficult to
know if you have gone past the zero end-play
point or not. It is easiest to have someone
watch the dial while you tighten the spindle


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