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Grizzly G0554Z Owner's Manual: Site Considerations

14" x 40" gear-head floor lathe.
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Weight Load
Refer to the Machine Data Sheet for the weight
of your machine. Make sure that the surface upon
which the machine is placed will bear the weight
of the machine, additional equipment that may be
installed on the machine, and the heaviest work-
piece that will be used. Additionally, consider the
weight of the operator and any dynamic loading
that may occur when operating the machine.
Space Allocation
Consider the largest size of workpiece that will
be processed through this machine and provide
enough space around the machine for adequate
operator material handling or the installation of
auxiliary equipment. With permanent installations,
leave enough space around the machine to open
or remove doors/covers as required by the main-
tenance and service described in this manual.
See below for required space allocation.
Children or untrained people
may be seriously injured by
this machine. Only install in an
access restricted location.
Model g0554z (Mfg 01/09+)

Site considerations

Figure 6. Minimum working clearances.
Physical Environment
The physical environment where your machine
is operated is important for safe operation and
the longevity of its components. For best results,
operate this machine in a dry environment that is
free from excessive moisture, hazardous chemi-
cals, airborne abrasives, or extreme conditions.
Extreme conditions for this type of machinery are
generally those where the ambient temperature
range exceeds 41°–104°F; the relative humidity
range exceeds 20–95% (non-condensing); or the
environment is subject to vibration, shocks, or
Electrical Installation
Place this machine near an existing power source.
Make sure all power cords are protected from
traffic, material handling, moisture, chemicals,
or other hazards. Make sure to leave access to
a means of disconnecting the power source or
engaging a lockout/tagout device.
Lighting around the machine must be adequate
enough that operations can be performed safely.
Shadows, glare, or strobe effects that may distract
or impede the operator must be eliminated.


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