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Grizzly G0554Z Owner's Manual: Section 7: Service; Troubleshooting

14" x 40" gear-head floor lathe.
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SEcTiON 7: SERvicE

review the troubleshooting and procedures in this section to fix or adjust your machine if a problem devel-
ops. if you need replacement parts or you are unsure of your repair skills, then feel free to call our technical
support at (570) 546-9663.
Motor & Gearbox
possible Cause
Motor will not
1. stop button not reset.
2. Main power switch is OFF.
3. left side door is open and limit switch is
4. Circuit breaker or fuse has tripped.
5. no voltage or open connection.
6. Capacitor is at fault.
7. spindle switch(es) are at fault.
8. Main power switch, stop button, or magnetic
contactor is at fault.
9. side door or foot brake limit switch is at fault.
10. Motor is at fault.
Fuses or circuit
1. short circuit in line cord or plug.
breakers trip
2. short circuit in motor or loose connections.
3. incorrect fuses or circuit breakers in power
Machine is loud;
1. Excessive depth of cut.
V-belts slip
2. spindle speed or feed rate wrong for
when cutting.
overheats or
3. dull cutting tools.
bogs down in the
4. V-belts are slipping.
gear change
1. gears not aligned in headstock.
levers will not
shift into position.
loud, repetitious
1. pulley set screws or keys are missing or
noise coming
from machine
2. Motor fan is hitting the cover.
at or near the
Motor is loud
1. Excessive depth of cut or feed rate.
when cutting.
2. spindle speed or feed rate wrong for cutting
overheats or
bogs down in the
3. Cutting tool is dull.
4. Quick change gear setup is too tight, causing
them to bind.


possible solution
1. reset stop button.
2. turn the main power switch ON.
3. Close and secure the left side door.
4. seek an electrician to troubleshoot and repair the
power supply.
5. test circuit, replace wires and connections as
6. replace capacitor.
7. replace switch(es).
8. test/replace.
9. replace limit switch(es).
10. replace motor.
1. inspect cord or plug for damaged insulation and
shorted wires.
2. inspect all connections on motor for loose or shorted
terminals or worn insulation.
3. install correct fuses or circuit breakers.
1. decrease depth of cut.
2. set the proper spindle speed and feed rate
(page 40).
3. sharpen or replace cutting tools.
4. inspect/tension/replace V-belts.
1. Maintain pressure on the lever and rotate spindle by
hand until gear falls into place.
1. inspect keys and set screws. replace or tighten if
2. tighten fan or shim cover, or replace items.
1. decrease depth of cut or feed rate.
2. refer to rpM feed rate chart for appropriate rates.
3. sharpen or replace the cutting tool.
4. re-adjust the quick change gear setup with a small
amount of backlash so the gears move freely and
smoothly when the spindle is rotated by hand.
Model g0554z (Mfg 01/09+)


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