Storage When Not In Use; Cleaning; Disposal - Silvercrest SFS 156 A1 Operation And Safety Notes

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P Storage when not in use
Store the product in a dry location protected from dust and direct
P Cleaning
• Under no circumstances should you use liquids or detergents for
cleaning, as these will damage the product.
• The exterior of the product should be cleaned with a soft dry
cloth only.
P Disposal
The packaging is made entirely of recyclable materials, which you
may dispose of at local recycling facilities.
Observe the marking of the packaging materials for
waste separation, which are marked with abbreviations
(a) and numbers (b) with following meaning:
1 - 7: plastics / 20 - 22: paper and
fibreboard / 80 - 98: composite materials.
The product and packaging materials are recyclable,
dispose of it separately for better waste treatment. The
Triman logo is valid in France only.
Contact your local refuse disposal authority for more
details of how to dispose of your worn-out product.
GB/IE 29


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