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Camera tripod
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• Do not throw the product into fire and do not expose to high
• Ensure that the product is not subjected to a mechanical load.
• Do not put the product on sensitive surfaces of furniture, otherwise
scratching may cause.
ATTENTION! Ensure that:
• no direct heat sources (e.g. heating can affect the product)
• the product is not exposed to bright artificial light
• any contact with splashed and dripping water and corrosive
liquids is avoided and the product are not operated in the vicinity
of water. In particular, the product should never be submerged
in liquid; do not place any vessels filled with liquid, for example,
vases or drinks, on or near the product
• no fire sources (e.g. burning candles) are placed on or near the
• no foreign objects penetrate the device
• the product is never subjected to extreme temperature fluctuations
as this could result in condensation. If the product were subjected
to extreme temperature fluctuations, however, wait (approx.
2 hours) until the product have reached ambient temperature
before use
• the product is never subjected to excessive shocks and vibrations


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