Ignition Timing - Stihl TS 700, TS 800 Service Manual

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Table of Contents
– Reassemble parts in reverse
– Moderately tighten the screws on
the ignition module.
If the ignition lead or spark plug is
damaged, it must be replaced,
b 8.4
– Troubleshooting, b 4.3
: Turn the flywheel until one of the
magnet poles (arrows) is in line
with the ignition module.
: Slide the setting gauge (1)
1111 890 6400 between the arms
of the ignition module and the
magnet pole of the flywheel.
– Press the ignition module against
the setting gauge.
TS 700, TS 800
: Tighten down the screws
(arrows), tightening torques,
b 3.6
– Remove the setting gauge and
use a feeler gauge to check the
air gap - it should be 0.2 mm.
– Fit the ground wire and turn in the
: Plug in connector (arrow).
: Place the ignition lead and short
circuit wire in the guide (arrow).
– Reassemble remaining parts in
reverse order.

Ignition timing

Ignition timing is fixed and cannot
be adjusted during repair work.
Since there is no mechanical wear
in these systems, ignition timing
cannot get out of adjustment during

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents