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Cloud Configuration; Notes On Structuring Data - Siemens SIMATIC CC712 Operating Instructions Manual

Industrial ethernet - cloudconnect
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The data management of the subscriptions is stored in the RAM of the gateway.
If there is power down, all data and connection information of subscriptions is lost. After
restarting the server, the client needs to re-establish the connection and set up the
subscriptions again.
When monitoring items in the "DataChangeFilter", the OPC UA server of the gateway uses
the filter "AbsoluteDeadband".

Cloud configuration


Notes on structuring data

Data structures
Depending on the cloud provider, the data is structured differently for transfer to the broker:
● AWS / Azure / IBM Cloud
– Topics
● MindConnect IoT Extension / Other Cloud
– Groups
– Topic
Structure of the topic names
Because the requirements on the format of the topics can be different depending on the
receiver (broker, cloud), a topic name is made up of different parts.
Prefix and suffix generally apply to all topics.
Prefix and suffix are not relevant for groups.
Operating Instructions, 05/2019, C79000-G8976-C503-01
A topic is the channel for the transfer of values of one or more data points.
You can create several topics.
No groups can be configured.
A group can contain one or multiple data points.
You can create one or more groups.
You can assign different topics to the groups.
MindConnect IoT Extension: In the default setting, the groups are assigned to the
standard topic "s/us" of the MindConnect IoT Extension.
4.9 Cloud configuration


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