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Logging Into The Wbm - Siemens SIMATIC CC712 Operating Instructions Manual

Industrial ethernet - cloudconnect
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Connection to the Web server of the gateway
Follow the steps below to connect the PC to the Web server of the gateway:
1. Open the Web browser.
2. Enter the IP address of the gateway in the address line of the Web browser:
– https://<Address>
With HTTPS connections when you log in, a warning can appear that the Web page is
not secure or that the certificate is not trustworthy. If you are sure that you have entered
the correct address, ignore the message. If necessary add the connection to the
exceptions (depending on the Web browser).
When the connection setup is successful, the logon window of the WBM opens.

Logging into the WBM

HTTPS connection
Only HTTPS connections are supported.
You can establish a connection between a PC and the WBM of the device.
Changing standard user data
Changing standard user data
For security reasons, the factory set user data (user name, password) of the standard user
must be changed when you log in the first time, see section User (Page 89).
Standard user data for the first login to the WBM is preassigned by the system:
User data
User name
An administrator can be set up with all available rights for operation of the WBM.
Operating Instructions, 05/2019, C79000-G8976-C503-01
Default values set in the factory
4.4 Calling the WBM


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