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Opc Ua Security - Siemens SIMATIC CC712 Operating Instructions Manual

Industrial ethernet - cloudconnect
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4.8 OPC UA
● Min. sampling interval (ms)
Here you set the minimum sampling interval that the server application of the gateway
should support. Lower values requested by OPC UA clients are not taken into account.
The OPC UA server of the gateway samples its internal process image with the sampling
You specify reading from the station with the polling cycle, see section Station
configuration (Page 48).
The default is suitable for most applications. A smaller sampling interval can be selected
for reading fewer data points when the polling cycle is configured with a smaller value as
Range of values: 100 .. 5000 ms
Default setting: 500 ms

OPC UA Security

Security mechanisms
The gateway supports the following security profiles in accordance with the OPC UA
● SecurityPolicy
It determines the signing and encryption of the transferred data.
● UserToken
Enables authentication using certificates.
● Authentication of the communications partners with user name and password
See section Authentication (Page 58) for more on this.
For information on the OPC UA profiles of the OPC Foundation, see:
Profiles (
Server security
First you specify with the first two options whether the OPC UA server of the gateway is to
use a self-signed or an imported certificate.
● Use self-signed certificate
Select this option when the gateway is to use a self-signed server certificate.
When the option is enabled, the corresponding GUI elements are shown:
– Created server certificate
– +
Shows the name of the created certificate.
Opens the following dialog for configuring the certificate to be created:
Operating Instructions, 05/2019, C79000-G8976-C503-01


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