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Certificates - Siemens SIMATIC CC712 Operating Instructions Manual

Industrial ethernet - cloudconnect
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4.9 Cloud configuration
● Last will topic
Enter the name of the topic that transfers the testament here.
You configure the additional parameters of the topic in the topic editor, see section Topic
settings (Page 66).
● Testament
Here you enter the text for the message to be transferred.
Max. number of characters: 65535
● Retain- Last will
– If the option is enabled, the testament is sent with the "Retain" flag to the broker.
– If the option is disabled, the testament is not stored permanently in the broker.
● QoS - Last will
From the drop-down list, select the Quality of Service with which the Last will topic is
– QoS 0 / QoS 1 / QoS 2
For significance of the three options see section Topic settings (Page 66)


The parameter group is only displayed when the option "TLS" is enabled for transmission via
MQTT, see section MQTT configuration (Page 62).
The requirement for importing certificates and keys is that the corresponding files are saved
on your PC.
● The following types of certificate files are supported: *.pem, *.crt, *.cer, *.crl
● The following types of key files are supported: *.pem
MQTT server certificate manager
You use this parameter group to import the server certificate of the broker. The server
certificate is provided by your service provider.
The testament is enabled for permanent storage in the broker.
If the connection between the device and the broker is terminated, the broker
publishes the testament for each registered subscriber.
If a subscriber does not have a connection to the broker when the connection between
device and broker is terminated, the "testament" for the subscriber is lost. When the
connection to the broker is reestablished, the subscriber first receives the "testament"
with the "Retain" flag.
For more information on the flag "Retain", refer to section Topic settings (Page 66).
Operating Instructions, 05/2019, C79000-G8976-C503-01


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