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Range Of Functions Of The Wbm - Siemens SIMATIC CC712 Operating Instructions Manual

Industrial ethernet - cloudconnect
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Range of functions of the WBM

Web Based Management (WBM)
You configure the gateway using its Web Based Management (WBM). The WBM consists of
Web pages that can be called up in the Web browser of a connected PC. From your PC you
connect to the WBM via HTTPS.
For information on the Web browsers that can be used on the PC, see section Scope of
delivery and requirements (Page 18).
Access to the WBM
To call the WBM, you need to establish a connection between the PC and the gateway via
LAN, see section Establishing a connection to the WBM (Page 42).
Overview of the functions of the WBM
The WBM provides the following functions:
● User management
In the open WBM, you specify the user name and the password for the "Administrator"
role. You can only access the WBM with this administrator information.
● Configuration
Using the WBM, configure the following function areas:
– Basic functions such as the time of day or IP address
– Connection of the process station
– Connection to the higher-level network (cloud, OPC clients)
– Communication functions
● Maintenance and diagnostic functions
– Diagnostics
– Loading and storing the configuration data
– Downloading new firmware versions
Reusing the configuration file
The configuration data you create in the WBM is saved in the gateway.
If you want to back up the data as well, you can also save the configuration data in the WBM
area "Maintenance" on a CLP inserted in the gateway.
If you are using multiple gateways with partially identical configuration data, you can export
the configuration file of a gateway, copy it, and download it to additional gateways where you
can adapt it as needed.
Operating Instructions, 05/2019, C79000-G8976-C503-01
Application and functions
1.6 Range of functions of the WBM


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