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Commissioning; Using A Clp - Siemens SIMATIC CC712 Operating Instructions Manual

Industrial ethernet - cloudconnect
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1. Turn on the power supply after connecting it to the gateway.
2. Connect the configuration PC to the gateway for configuration, refer to the section
Establishing a connection to the WBM (Page 42).
If you want to use a CLP, turn off the power supply before you start configuring, insert the
CLP and turn on the power supply again.
Requirements for operation
At least the following requirements apply to operating the gateway:
● Configuration of the device
● At least one running process station
● A setup cloud service or OPC UA client
● Connecting the gateway to the networks of the communication partners
Applying the configuration data during commissioning
The "Apply" button
All saved configuration data that you create in the WBM is loaded into the gateway by
clicking the "Apply" button and used immediately. In this way, you can commission the
gateway step-by-step.
For information on the buttons of the WBM, see section General functions of the WBM
(Page 41).

Using a CLP

Exchangeable storage medium CLP
The gateway can be operated with an exchangeable CLP. The configuration data can be
stored on this exchangeable medium and this is retained if there is a power failure.
This exchangeable medium makes it easier to replace a damaged component or for any
other application of the gateway. By simply exchanging the plug, all data can be transferred
without having to be configured again.
The CLP is supplied with power by the gateway. The CLP retains all data permanently when
the power is turned off.
Operating Instructions, 05/2019, C79000-G8976-C503-01
Installation, wiring, commissioning
3.4 Commissioning


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